Eye On Entertainment (May 12)

Eye On Entertainment (May 12)

TV pioneer Norman Lear gets an award, and comedian Will Ferrell keeps them laughing at USC commencement. Suzanne Marques reports.



LeftHand OfKeK says:

lol the dough eyed cattle of southern California are so lost full of delusion, narsisim and self inflated ego they can never be saved.. they need a cleansing

David Cisneros says:

that's it L.A., follow your false idols as the world crumbles…
so pathetic!
what passes as news is really the opim for the demented masses…
the young, old and infirm die alone in the city of angels while many among you gaze into a mirror thinking that fame is truely the way to adoration and worship.
woe to you who wish for worship from others…
woe to you who act as the prophets of deamons and rage with a satanic spirit and devour the innocent minds of the afflicted…
yours will be a bitter end.

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