EXCLUSIVE: Revealing This Summer’s Jack Kirby One-Shots

EXCLUSIVE: Revealing This Summer’s Jack Kirby One-Shots

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EXCLUSIVE: Take your first look at the Jack Kirby celebration covers including MANHUNTER featuring OMAC! Then take a look at how FLASH #22 sets up the next chapter of REBIRTH. Plus we give inside looks into INJUSTICE 2, HARLEY QUINN, LUCIFER and more! Plus there’s still time to enter the fantastic DC Collectibles Wonder Woman Horseback statue! So press play.

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DarthAlphaTheGreat says:

I don't care about anything about Injustice any more. I am just all hype about the reveal at the end the button.

Buck Yong Ng says:

Anyone loves the wonder woman and flash T-shirts? Where to get them?!

Larson Davidson says:

Wow, DC has really been acknowledging Jack Kirby's work a lot recently. I mean, we've got a Kamandi miniseries, a Forager miniseries, a Mr. Miracle miniseries has just been announced, and now we've got these one-shots.

Luny & Milky says:

Nice interpretation of Harley Quinn 1:24 x'D

ThatJoser says:

Pretty good Harley voice 🙂

King Superman says:

Can't wait for the Kirby tribute oneshots. I only wish we'd get an Etrigan the Demon and Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen ones as well. Loving the Kamandi Challenge as well.

Korneel Snauwaert says:

So, uh, I guess that was a Harley impression…

JonnySuite13 says:

That was a GOOD Harley impression.

FourJacks bideos says:


Walter Anderson says:

ummm, that really didn't look like OMAC. It looked more like S&K's Manhunter

Steve Rogers Carr says:

Hail Jack Kirby

Batman says:

I always take the spotlight.

Mike Rojo says:

uh shes a bit scary.

PenguinKnight says:

Thanks for keeping shitty politics out of 90% of your comics. RIP Marvel

Esai Gomez says:

batman and the outsiders rebirth please

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