EXCLUSIVE: Peter Kraus Clears Up a Big Misconception About Him and Rachel Lindsay

EXCLUSIVE: Peter Kraus Clears Up a Big Misconception About Him and Rachel Lindsay

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ET sat down with the ‘Bachelorette’ runner up for his first and only interview since the new Bachelor was announced.



cherryonasundae says:


Cindy Morre says:

I have a beautiful woman for Peter the absolutely lovely and classy Nicole Beharie.

Maria 0914 says:

Peter put his Walls up so early in his relationship with Rachel and let the producers know. But he was forced to stay and eventually fell in love with a woman that didn't love him back 100%. So it all resulted into tears and heart breaks and crazy fans.

K. L. Bryant says:

Hi, my handsome Peter Clark Kent! I miss you like crazy 😜, but can I be honest? I'm over #bachelornation and I think it's about time you and ALL of the #Pachel fans move pass it as well. Because clearly that ship has a new captain. And, you know what? I'm not up in arms about it anymore. You loose some, and then you learn. However, the most important part is you respect the fact that what God has for you can't no other person TAKE it away. I know it's hard to move forward when there's no closure, but trust me in Gods' own appointed time he's going to work things out. Sometimes, things are better left unsaid. And, young man if you heard nothing else that I've said, please hear this. Don't be afraid to take chances, leave your heart open and dream-fearlessly. You only got one life to live, so you better ride it until the mf wheels comes off…. #loveupk❤️🌹

Kimerie Tate says:

Sonya ROACH:you are. PITIFUL BITCH."The Kraus MATRIX"?Ho, citizens' rights are being decimated by the government, and racism is at an all-time high, and your DUMB ASS is devoting ALL THIS ENERGY trying to wage war on a fine-ass White man who doesn't give a fuck about your AFRO ASS?You been writing BOOKS about this shit, coming up with crazy-ass nick-names, and shit…Forget Peter;the bigger issue is you pathetic Black hoes that are WAAAY too invested in The Next Motherfucker's Life.DAMN, Bitch.

doris potter says:

ABC these two will make you a lot of money you need to bring them back together for a ABC project we will all watch because we love watching them together. Make it happen ABC!

Kari Boersheim says:

He's incredibly handsome,but he was not the right guy for Rachel

I Spy says:

Byrant has style and sex appeal…Bryant is a hot and spicy Latino man…. Peter is bland and stiff.

I Spy says:

Peter and Rachel both was crying….so move own Peter fans…..Peter is the one keep talking about there is just no closure for him… Rachael seem to have closure…. He wants her, and it is too late! You snooze, you lose… By Peter! , and his whining fans.😭

diana levy says:

awwww lauren, youre interviewing your boo! how did it feel?!!!!

Violet Cooper says:

He looks like a bum in the thumbnail

S. Phillips says:

Ummm no Peter "people" weren't saying you tried to reach out to her after the show ended, YOU said that at the ATFR on live tv. He said he tried to reach out to her on Instagram but he never got a reply. Don't get me wrong, I don't think Peter is a bad guy and he is insanely good looking but I don't believe anything that he says. He knows exactly what to do and say to get fans on his side and to paint himself as the heartbroken puppy dog. I'm not going to knock his hustle though. I just understand what Rachel meant when she said he can be emotionally manipulative

Delores Bell says:

N mil. ..lmbo, I agree 100%

N Mil says:

Peter fans are dumb af and annoying as shit. What part of "he doesn't want your ass" do you NOT understand? You people are now just stalkers.

N Mil says:

It says a lot about a man when he dates a woman for years without any intentions of marriage and to save her sanity she must leave on her own in tears.

N Mil says:

2017 must be "Year of the Sore Loser". First, Democrats continue to go bat-shit crazy over an epic loss. Second, Peter fans (including the media) can't move on from losing to BRYAN ABASOLO and just let Rachel be happy.

Kat Aston says:

When he said he watches the Pachel videos, I screamed OMG. I believe he did fall in love with Rachel
He had never experienced that level of sophistication from a girlfriend. She was the right woman for him, but he wasn't the right guy for Rachel. Bryan is much more suited for Rachel. He brings a level of maturity that is needed for their new journey. I couldn't see Peter traveling the globe with Rachel, he wouldn't be able to adjust and make the important decisions. Everything worked out for the best.

Edwige DAvid says:

If he has so much respect for rachelcand Bryan 's engagement so what did he tagged her and said my hearts is filled heavily with love for you now and always. He is a very confusing human being . I am glad that Rachel realizes that before making a fool out of herself on her own show. The show became all about Peter 's fear instead of the first black bachelorette is looking for love . Very sad that some women are praising that behavior

Ernestine Ernie says:

He is playing the guy with the broken heart. This role brings him opportunities and fans. Go back and watch Peter's conversations with Rachel from the first date to the last. I now understand why she feels he manipulated her.

Mrs. Adriann says:

Yaaaaaaaaaay Lauren got the interview!!! YOU were blushing the entire time! haha lol Your questions were like a 13 year old schoolgirl from Sweet Valley High!

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