[Exclusive] METAL – Scott Snyder Talks Dark Multiverse

[Exclusive] METAL – Scott Snyder Talks Dark Multiverse

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Dying to learn about this summer’s biggest blockbuster comics event? We sit down with METAL mastermind Scott Snyder for a trip into the secrets of the Dark Multiverse.

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DarthAlphaTheGreat says:

So when Batman is in an alternate dimension, will we see the JLA acting without a leader and Lobo just messing around even more?

Mike Rojo says:

Dark mulriverse. im remindes of the Gentry from morrison's Multiversity.

Mike Rojo says:

he said cosmology. now i know we're in good hands!? Nah Seriously it means we are gonna bs provided with reliable worthwhile structure of a story and world.

Abdullah Zafar says:

please spotify isn't available in pakistan,, make an itunes or soundcloud service

Joseph Molina says:

A Dark Universe? Reminds me of Transformers Dark Cybertron where Shockwave helped Nemisis Prime bring the dead Universe to Cybertron.

Oscar M.Limon says:

whatever happened to Tiffany?

Hades says:

looks amazing but really batman in a war..i mean in war u have to kill . i would like to see if he keeps is vigilante posture in war …dual wielding axes 2:38

noobslayer135 says:

My god…Scott Snyder is a Gojira fan. I didn't think he could get any cooler 😀

Daniel Køste says:

Metal music and comic books, sign me up

Nytellem says:

batman always on the cover.

AvengerGreen says:

So we're finally going to get an explanation about the deal with Nth Metal is? That alone is enough for me to pick up this book!!!

Bill Ly says:

Wait, Frank Quesada? Did he mean Joe Quesada?

Enrique Garrovillo says:

i hope this will be a segue for DC to create totally new and original characters in turn proving alan moore wrong

NathanSeals says:

Gah, I'm so excited about this. I love Metal, Scott and Greg, and I love DC comics. This is going to freaking rule.

josh greg says:

cant sit still can she

SuperComicFanboy 616 says:

Is Scott Snyder's eyebrow permanently like that?

Raven Hawk says:

Diana would love it here

heimer82j says:

Love that DC Rebirth shirt Scott's wearing! How do I get one?

Vikum Dharmsena says:

So what earth is Dark Thingy??? is it one of the unknown earths?

King Superman says:

Can't wait, it looks amazing. The only thing I'm worried about is why does Arthur suddenly have long hair and a beard? PLEASE don't start doing "movie synergy" with the DCEU.

mephosto says:

this looks generic. just a blurb storyline that will disappear down the black hole like cosmic odyssey.

Carcrafter7 says:

It's like our universe only metal

When can we have it

Manuel Mezquita says:

can't find the Spotify, can anyone help

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