Evason Ana Mandara (Nha Trang, Vietnam): review & impressions

Evason Ana Mandara (Nha Trang, Vietnam): review & impressions

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Elisabeth Steel says:

Thank you for the wonderful experience almost as good as being there, enjoyed every minutes loved the video!

ayad alzahron says:

First, thank you for posting this video. It is better to comment in a visual way during visualization and this will be easy for the follower to focus on what he will be watching. Commenting on writing will lose the focus and especially the long comment. Not all followers are fluent in English. Thanks again for this awesome video.

trini4eve9 says:

The resort opened the year of my birthday!

Patricia Harvey says:

Of course….I spotted the red suitcase!!!! The happiest piece of luggage on the planet!!

Karen LaBianca says:

Always feel like I've been on vacation after viewing your videos. Thank you very much for letting us live vicariously through your adventures! Blessings!

Kit Yeung says:

Another Evason is in Hua Hin not Phuket…..

Frankie Hampton says:

Where were all the people who left towels on the beach chairs — so annoying. Hotel should manage this better.

Renaud Mailloux says:

I have a question for flight reviews. Could you try Air Canada business class please?

PaiNExoTiC says:

Didn't you show this or does this have a similar layout as another place you've been to. I could've sworn I've seen this video already lol.

BenetClaire says:

As always, true inspiration for us πŸ™‚
Vietnam is now officially on my bucket list, with six senses on the top of it !!
I was thinking of South Africa for my honeymoon thanks to your videos .. but it will be the Six Senses in Seychelles !! Can't wait for the 4th of September !! πŸ™‚

Hermion Ashten says:

I'm so proud right now. I'm Vietnamese and a lot of times, they don't know where my country is and there isn't much document on Youtube about Vietnam that's by people around the world. Thank you so much +the Luxury travel expert

xudyline says:

I don't know why,but resorts/hotels/first class airplain and lounges with children irks my soul…btw nice vid as always

Sandra Nelson says:

I loved the well maintained greenery and the home style furnishings. Very comfortable and relaxed. All those folks showing up on the beach….irk!

cuqui Alfonso says:



i wish i was famous on here i wish i had 100k or 1mil i will take some of my buddies w me if ya can help me search 100k !!??? suscribed me pls n thank u i love this channel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noah Bowie says:

After watching the videos on Vietnam I have gone and booked my family a trip to Vietnam because you have shown me how incredible it really is

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