Europe Travel Itinerary: 2 Weeks in London, Paris, Prague & Rome

Europe Travel Itinerary: 2 Weeks in London, Paris, Prague & Rome

Heading to Europe for the First Time & Not Sure Where to Go or What to See? Here are our recommendations for first time travelers to Europe. A two week trip hitting some of the best sights in Europe. 3-4 Days in London, 3-4 Days in Paris, 2-3 Days in Prague and 3-4 Days in Rome.
Filmed in London, Paris, Prague & Rome.
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017

10 Shocks of London

10 Shocks of Paris

5 Love & Hates of Prague

10 Shocks of Rome

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summerbliss13 says:

Thanks for the awesome tips as usual! Quick question – How do you get around in each city? Public bus? Taxi? Train? That's the piece that puzzles me when creating an itinerary. Anyone could shed some light? Much appreciated. Thanks.

Ayman Ilham says:

Have you ever visited Manchester (unoffically the capital of North England)?

Jim S says:

Thank you for the videos- your enthusiasm is absolutely infectious. And I mean that quite literally, as your videos really helped me to enjoy my trip to Paris with my wife last November even more and now we're inspired and set up to go to Rome next February! We've decided to take our 9 year old son with us next time, in part I'm inspired by watching you take your boys with you almost everywhere! (Selfishly, I'm glad we left him home for France, as it would have nixed the romantic opportunities. 😉 )
Keep up the good work.

Karen Walsh says:

Great video, we are planning our first trip this October from Australia. We are flying into London and out of Rome, so glad we got that part right. Was planning to train it to Paris, then we are planning to go to Venice before finishing off in Rome.
We are staying for two weeks!!
Nearly what you advised!

Calvin Smith says:

3:03 damn. Is your wife a super model?

Calvin Smith says:

I could spend 2 weeks in London.

ole schmidtke says:

if you don't get a cheap train ticket between London-Paris, look at air plane tickets or if you are young, night bus tickets (like flixbus)

Markus Reyes says:

you live in Europe? or how are you always making videos there haha

Scott Byer says:

Don't bother with the Tate. British Museum is more worth your time.

Jonathan Thomas says:

Thanks Mark! We'd like more of these travel itineraries to maximise our experience.

Janči says:

I would like to see similiar video for USA 🙂

YeahJumper94 says:

I'll be in London from April 27th to May 1st, will u be there?

QWERTYOP80 says:

1:35 That looks suspiciously like a Wetherspoons to me. Man I hope visitors to our country don't think of that as being a quality real pub meal! Perfectly easy trap to fall into, Mark – they're a big chain with pubs nationwide. P.S, I'd throw Berlin in there for Prague personally (I found Prague to be sadly overrun with stag-do drunkards when I was there) but hey, I'm sure the comment section is gonna be full of people suggesting loads of other places! 😉

Tosh T says:

I absolutely love these itinerary videos. ? Need one for Scandinavia. Every year I toy with landing in Copenhagen -> Malmö -> Stockholm -> Oslo, then either return from there or back to Copenhagen depending on flight costs. ?

baldassare01 says:

they say there's an entrance to the louvre and not the pyramid. it would be faster.

TheSwedishTraveler says:

I can recommend grabbing a Trdelnik (= Tower Cake) in Prague!

Leo Luong says:

You should do an Eastern Europe Itinerary!

d landis says:

Just got back from.Prague and loved it. Enjoyed the beer and cool weather which don't exist here in kuwait

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