Europa Park Travel Vlog July 2017

Europa Park Travel Vlog July 2017

Join me and Lee as we make our way to Europa Park located in Rust, Germany. In this travel vlog we use public transport to travel from Basel Airport through to the town of Ringsheim, home to the nearest train station to Europa Park. We share the exact details of our journey that involves the use of 2 busses and a train along with giving you a tour of our accommodation located in the town of Rust.

As many people have asked us what the best way to get to the park was by public transport, we hope this video helps those of you that are planning a visit to Europa Park in the future.

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1996Coaster says:

Or you can do it the insanely complicated way me and my brother are doing it in 2 weeks; a train from Derby to London, then a train from London to Paris, then a train from Paris to Strasbourg, then a train from Strasbourg to Orschweier, then taxi to our accommodation in Kappel-Grafenhausen.

D is Doge says:

great vlog! love it πŸ˜€

Scottish Heather says:

What age is Mr Wood? Just curious?

milady white says:

Your a great teacher for everyone about the travelling to places I would love to know the route you made for your Asia trip .

Alfie L is Vlogging! says:

On my channel I'm hoping to do Vlogs like you! Could you give me a sub shawn it would make my day!
Also how do you afford all of your trips?!
Great video!

David Southon says:

Hi .you said your in Switzerland. But say the parks in Germany ?

Scott Whittingham says:

Hi Shawn and Lee I hope you having a nice stay at a Europa Park Resort.

Football TV FC says:

Must have a lot of money to get flights everywhere!

siebe meuris says:

Shawn will you be visiting west midlands safari park this year?

Saber Fliper says:

P…….for please
D…….for do
G……..for gardaland
A………for again
P………..for plsssssssssss

Martin Turner says:

Thanks for this, very helpful, hope you do more of these for other destinations

Chris Bagshaw says:

Thank you for this travel vlog Shawn as I am planning a trip to Europa park next year so thanks mate

3Davmawey says:

Hey man! Always glad to see one of your videos popping out in my inbox πŸ™‚ I just came back from a 2 1/2 days trip to the Efteling. Despite the huge lines I got to ride Symbolica 4 times and WOW I know you're gonna love it, can't wait to see your reaction to it!



Momentous Moments says:

You literally arrived one day after my sister and I left the park haha (because your ticket said July 13)

Michael Talent says:

Looks really simple when the directions are all laid out maybe you guys should do a get together for europa park it's now on many people's hit list thanks to theme park world (where's the milk man think he would love Switzerland)

Pwr says:

You know it's going to be a good vlog when you see Lee

Laura Parker says:

would be my dream to join yous and go to all the different theme parks πŸ˜” your like the perfect group of people πŸ˜‚πŸ’™

scoop 1972 says:

How long did the whole journey take? how much were the flights& accommodation?

Mark Forrest says:

Cheers lads, this'll help a lot of people out πŸ‘πŸ½

JoeAndRubyTV says:

It's Baa-sel πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ promise!
This is an almost identical trip to us, it was so easy!!

Ejj The 1st says:

3:50 , Shaun's turning into Casey neistat

Christian Drake says:

Do you pay for the bus in advance or do you pay when you get on?

Lee Claxton says:

Is Europer Parke good for PokΓ©mon Go?

BraveBurdOK says:

Just this weekend my parents surprised me and my sister with a short trip to Europa Park as part of our holiday in Austria (considering this will be our last holiday as a family of four). I'm already doing some preparations because we have only been there once before in 2011. I'm very much looking forward to your vlog(s) and seeing the changes the park has undergone over the last few years!

sam curtis says:

How do you afford to do all this

yacovthewoodcat says:

What UK airport did you fly to Basel from Shawn?

Sam Harvey says:

Sounds great Shawn thanks for the info! Just out of interest, is your apartment also reasonably priced?

James Knell says:

England should have double decker trains

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