Eli Manning’s Photographer | Hardest Jobs in Sports

Eli Manning’s Photographer | Hardest Jobs in Sports

Eli Manning always looks tired, weird or dumb, and this woman is his personal photographer.

You’ve seen the photos of Eli Manning where he looks confused, weird or just plain dumb? But what if you were the photographer responsible for getting a normal looking photo of Eli?
Meet Monica. She’s Eli’s personal photographer. In this episode of “Hardest Jobs In Sports”, we explore what it’s like to have to deal with Eli Manning’s penchant for awkward photo. Far-off eyes, glazed over expression, staring wide-eyed with mouth agape–how do you harness it all into something approaching a regular photograph?

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Eli’s Personal Photographer: Lisa Kleinman

WRITER Conor Armor
PRODUCER Jamie Rasmussen
PROD. CO. Brandon Zingone
DP Maria Rusche
BCAM OPERATOR Max Batchelder
AC/CAM OP MC Plaschke
SOUND James Leggero
EDITOR Adam Brown



Kyle Eastman says:

Can't believe No one noticed they said he was drafted first overall

jermed2001 says:

"The Blake Bortles of faces." Zing!

Ulysses S. Grant says:

Cutler's always sick or crying or both

Ulysses S. Grant says:

Absolute best! Made my Friday!! 🙌🍍

Brandon Christopher says:

Eli Manning sucks
So overrated.

Psychotic Potato says:

Paid for by the Peyback Foundation

Jason Baltzer says:

Antonio Cromartie Vasectomest 😁😁

Krishiv04 says:

'When LeBron was losing his hair I made it look like he had hair' That's how LeBron has so much hair 😳

Krishiv04 says:

17th comment

Tastyquicksand says:

This and your season in 60 seconds are the best series!

jbjonny24 says:

Lol just hd good laugh

nick killer says:

I love the New York gaints so I like Eli manning

Sweezy The board says:

Xfl pitch man

Pac10 10 says:

These are facts

Oscar Montes says:

This is stupid… Unfunny.

Ace Films says:

Do WNBA salespeople

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