Eating Fried CHICKEN GIZZARDS AND LIVER! 🤢 + Travel Update!

Eating Fried CHICKEN GIZZARDS AND LIVER! 🤢 + Travel Update!

Today we’re heading to Lambert’s to get eat some delicious southern food: fried chicken gizzards and liver! But first, a quick update on our upcoming travels ✌️

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The Endless Adventure says:

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ziragirl1 says:

Yeah, gizzards are an acquired taste.  Cornwall  should be amazing, I'm so jealous.  My suggestion for when you come to west coast is check out San Diego.  I think you'll like it.

Paul D. Green says:

The liver and the gizzards, you can keep those! I'm an old redneck and don't eat them. Thank you for sharing!

Chris White says:

That waiter should play third base, great arm! Love the sound of your travel plans.

Amélie Birosak says:

Me: hits thumbs up button before video loads

doodoobreff dabeast says:

really… you guys are my favorite nerds! GL!

Buhbuhbuh says:

South east asia. Go to Bali, specifically Gili Trawangan. Paradise that place

Buhbuhbuh says:

Dont got to Cornwall its full of tories

MidlifeQuest Vlogs and general life actions . says:

Safe journey to Uk I live in Hereford West Midlands on the Welsh border . Have a great trip .

Nicole Tomaski says:

happy to see nakkita, is Matt be coming to? miss his smile and goofiness 😀

Robert Pickles says:

Gizzards…. Yuk

Bob says:

come to rotterdam , most trending city of holland

Aimee Giles says:

I have lived in Wales (Cardiff) for nearly 5 years. It is so frequently overlooked by people who travel in the UK, but it is AWESOME! Happy to offer recommendations or tips for this amazing country. Can't wait to see what you get up to!

Paul Dunn says:

You should come to Liverpool

MrMacky1810 says:

Yes I have seen this place often on the Travel Channel. 5 summers ago I did a road trip form Panama City Fl to New Orleans. OF course Foley Alabama was in the middle so I had to hit Lambert's there.

Fran Stains says:

We're the chicken gizzards and liver any better cold ? 😎

DeAnn Stenson says:

You can keep the livers…I love gizzards…I craved them when I was expecting my son…

littlekiwinelson says:

ewwwww gizzards lol!! I use them to deliver my dogs pills twice a day to them but definitely not for us haha!

Natasha Jerjomina says:

my husband is russian, and he took me last year. the best places to try food is at more cheaper joints because there more homemade style and less gormet. my favourite soups are sorrel and solanka. and meat pancakes are a must if your going 🙂

Ingrid Alcazar says:

Chicken livers? Well, reminds me the "tacos de tripa de pollo" at Mercado de Jamaica in Mexico city that aren't deep fried but are so delicious, interesting that you tried that stuff, looked so good.

The Thrifty Anglomaniac says:

I'm so excited to see Cornwall and Wales!
Have you done Helsinki? I'd love to see that, too. Safe travels.

Hannah P says:

Me and my partner are moving from London back home to Devon which is the next county to Cornwall this weekend! You'll need to hire a car down there! Also visit Dartmoor because I know you guys love to hike. Eat all the fresh seafood you can! If you need a tour guide or tips, we're both teachers so are in holiday at that time!

Charlotte b says:

Oh that is awesome! I'm Cornish and went to uni in Lampeter, Wales. They are both so beautiful. If you can try to go to the Minack theatre, Tintagel, Sennen and Porthleven. Of course you guys have to get a Philps Cornish pasty – yum! cx

Sara1FiM says:

Have you guys thought of renting a car while in Cornwall? most awesome places are sadly impossible to get to without a car, also bus service isn't too great. If you wanna do a food tour I would recommend Falmouth as has some awesome seafood restaurants (Falmouth Shell Bar being my fav, the Wheel House is brilliant but check as its only open certain days of the week from 6pm and might require reservation during holiday season) and bunch of other good places to eat. Padstow would probably be my 2nd recommendation. My all time favourite in Cornwall for hikes and scenery is Bodmin Moors (Minions village, Rough Tor, and loads of great local pubs Crows Nest being my personal fav, however you need a car for that). Kynance Cove and Lizard Peninsula (also need a car) are amazingly beautiful. Coastal walks worth doing – Perranporth to St Agnes, St Agnes to POrthtowan (has awesome ice cream along the way and old mines), Lizard to Kynance Cove, Harlyn Bay to Padstow, Pendeen lightouse to Botallack, Polkerris beach to Fowey, Minack theatre and POrthcurno (likely also need a car) and there is an amazing walk with loads of wild beaches from Minack towards Lands end. Newquay seems to be popular destination for tourists but its bit …. overcrowded, full of tourists and young drunkies and not much nice places to have a proper Cornish food. In Truro there are few nice places as well – Charlottes tea house is good for cakes and scones, Cornish Vegan does amazing food as well, Old grammar school for tapas, The Rising Sun pub, Hubbox for burgers, Sam's in the city seafood restaurant. Rowe' bakers are usually where people choose to get a pastie (they have a big yellow sign so easy to spot)
Hope you have a great time!!! if you fancy a day roadtrip around give me a shout 🙂

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