Dude Perfect | The Making Of Giant Basketball Trick Shots

Dude Perfect | The Making Of Giant Basketball Trick Shots

These GIANT trick shots are sponsored by Ruffles. Join Dude Perfect behind the scenes as they nail some basketball shots!

COMMENT with the GIANT sport you want to see next!

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Whistle Sports says:

COMMENT with the GIANT sport you want to see next!

aman dhariwal says:

giant table tennis

Secret ninja 7619 says:


TotallyAwesome Challenges says:

U guys r the best tubers ever

Myerling Games says:

Really wish you put how many takes it took to complete.

Eli Maguire says:

My name is Eli

Caden Larsen says:

you should have a huge soccer ball addition

Melinda Kearns says:

come make a video about going to man dive I'll

Samuel Banks says:

Whistle sports please do big baseball

Samuel Banks says:

Tell dude perfect big baseball trick shots!

Eli Firsel says:

My name is Eli

sportpoint says:

I envy your skill

TrippaT says:

Elijah ( Helicopterman) Is PANDA!!

Gus Tulloch says:

I bet that Eli guy is the panda lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tornado says:

OMG!!!! My comment just went through the wires!!!!!!!

Top Funny Events says:

plz see the email i sent you, i need your help urgently. thanks

Kekoailanakila says:

The nimbus 3000 the fastest broom in harry potter

Clutch Gamer says:

At the end I didn't think he was able to be so serious but then he cracked XD XD XD???

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