Dublin Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Dublin Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Despite a long and sometimes tragic history of invasion and resistance, this thriving business capital has poetry, music and literature percolating through its cobblestones.

Dubliner, Oscar Wilde once said “life is too important to be taken seriously.” While Dublin proudly honours its past, it is equally passionate about enjoying each and every new day. Nowhere is life celebrated more than in the city’s nearly 700 pubs. Nothing matters more to Dubliners than having a good time or, as locals call it, the craic.

Of all the gifts, Dublin has given to the world, perhaps the most intoxicating are its stories. Originally built for the sons of the Irish gentry, the ivy-covered stone buildings of Trinity College are home to some of the oldest remaining manuscripts in the world, including the 1000-year-old Book of Kells.

Dubliner Jonathan Swift, once said, “May you live all the days of your life.” There is no better way to define Dublin. Its passion for life is contagious, captivating and sure to stay with you for the rest of your days.



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Zanindra P says:

What is the background music name?

Orla Finnegan says:

Visit Croke Park it is full of Irish culture

Orla Finnegan says:

Lots of Americans wish to be Irish ☘️ but I love Americans

clay fada says:

Why oh why do none of these guides mention the very cathedral of irish culture Croke Park

TheNintendoGameCubeGuy DJ CRISP The Cool Guy says:


Music Account says:

How do I get from Dublin airport to the city cheaply?

Alphonsus Brady says:

Such a beautiful place to visit. Can't wait to go back! Great video.

Kagami Taiga says:


Abdul Kabir says:

i am want to irland visit visi how much plz tell me

Tyler Barker says:

I'll give Belfast to England if you don't start talking American or straitin out that fucking accent 🙂

Sheikh Mizan says:

mobile. +8801797226788

TheNintendoGameCubeGuy DJ CRISP The Cool Guy says:

When I am 19 I will be going to Dublin, Ireland 🇮🇪

Lovina Fahrues says:

Thank you for Hozier

Mrcaille47 says:

It’s a very good vidéo 😘

Muhd Imranul Hakim Mohamed Dzulkhairi says:

Ireland grate from Malaysia

Mohamed Wazeem says:

I love that background score music..! May I know that artist.?

matheus novianus says:

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Praveen Gunasekhar says:

What's the name of the song, Its so awesome.

louie fernandez says:

See you Dublin next month

Kpat says:

I live in Ireland and I know all these places in the video 😂

sistarsxx says:

check out our vlog from Dublin Ireland https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yk2RNDOwBI

pegelstr says:

Lovely city, brilliant people. Had a fantastic time there with a couple of friends there a few years ago. Definitely a wonderful place to visit, we will no doubt be going back there one day!

john price says:

It looks like East Berlin before the wall came down.

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