DuaFire Travel Power Adapter With USB Review | EpicReviewGuys

DuaFire Travel Power Adapter With USB Review | EpicReviewGuys

Thanks to DuaFire for sending me this International Travel Adapter Cube- http://amzn.to/2vpC79S to try out. It is so convenient to have all the different plug combinations in one small device. And as a great bonus there are two USB ports ready to charge up your phone and tablet. Nifty device!

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Ulli Abolins says:

So happy😄

Thomas Branson says:

amazing review thank you

clara netts says:

Good idea. Another use could be on cruise ships to gain an extra plug since they have multiple plug styles in the rooms.

Old World Media says:

This looks like a good deal for those traveling Europe. Don't think it will work for places in the mideast like Israel or Jordan. Some hotels/motels can provide you with a power adapter. When I was in Poland last year, the front desk asked me if I needed an adapter for my electronics.

thatcrazyjack says:

I am so glad you're back to doing regular videos! I missed them while you were away

mjhonold says:

Cool Adapter!

SilentS says:

I've had something like this for a few years, and it's amazing.
Presumably the prongs on the US/AUS side rotate so they angle correctly for Australian sockets.

C S says:

I LOVE German candy lol. How cool she's going to Germany. Also cool gadget for traveling 👍

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