Drishyam vs Papanasam | Climax Scene Reaction | Mohanlal vs Kamal Haasan | PESHFlix Entertainment

Drishyam vs Papanasam | Climax Scene Reaction | Mohanlal vs Kamal Haasan | PESHFlix Entertainment

Watch my reaction and review to ‘Drishyam’ and ‘Papanasam’ emotional climax scene. ‘Drishyam’ is a 2013 Malayalam film starring Mohanlal and directed by Jeethu Joseph. ‘Papanasam’ is a 2015 Tamil film starring Kamal Haasan and directed by Jeethu Joseph.

1st Drishyam Movie Scene: Georgekutty’s Confession to Varun’s parents
2nd Papanasam Movie Scene: Kamal Haasan meets Asha Sarath

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Simon Templer says:

Both are great… in their own style. .

DILIP sangani says:

over acting kamal hasan

suryafanz007 says:

ulaga nayagan allways..

Raj Kiran says:

Kamalahassan is king ? of cinemas…. In acting he's the best… Even awarded as the leaving legend of s s srinivas award in vikatan awards

Raj Kiran says:

Thappiche da…. Escaped kid.

Gokul Nath says:

dear fools, don't compare shiva with vishnu

Gishnu chalady says:

kamal is overacting compared to mohanlal..mohanlal the best in india

Jahfar Mk says:

Mohanlal?is more better and Kamalhassan not bad

Greeshma Pulinkuzhy Balan says:

lalettan…..????…wonderful acting…completely natural..☺️☺️

Vishnu Menon says:

The difference is that Kamal hassan is a made actor..Mohanlal is a born actor..Just like ronaldo and messi in football..ronaldo is a made player and messi is a born player..

Hari Kumar says:

brother… mohanlal is so good . we can see that dramatic feel in kamal Hassan..
u better need to see the full movie it's incredible . story is the backbone of it

avinash b says:

dude both are awesome actors..But dont compare lalettan with other actors….. no one can act like lalettan…such a awesome actor lalettan….if u have time watch some old movies of lalettan…after all watching movies i am sure you are a big fan of lalettan…..

OskarAB13 says:

Im not a kamal fan. But in this scean kamal acting lyk a piece of cake

Krishnan Narayanan Nair says:

Firstly I am saying that Mohanlal is not a complete actor because his dubbing is not 100 percent perfect when compared with the great Thilakan. In my opinion there is only one complete actor in Malayalam cenema that is Bharath Gopi. Here Kamalahasan performed that scene better than Mohanlal.

jewel james says:

kamalhasan was melodramatic whereas Mohanlal was more natural in this scene ….both are legends … #respect

Ajay Laxman says:

if reading the dialogue is living, and emotionally getting teary eyes in acting, yeah kamal sir is acting. just know that it's one step ahead. ps: i love lalletta

Shebin Babu says:

Mohanlal sir all the way….His acting looked more realistic/natural…Subtle acting at its very best…..
Kamal Hassan sir too was good…But looked a bit over expressive…May be his character in that movie was such an expressive character…

rijo tr says:

Behaving and acting. He cant beat mohankal

Nadeem Shaikh says:

plz do a second part n add ajay devgan to it!


The difference is very very subtle. Mohanlal portrayed a character who is more strong to his vision, who isnt broken down by tears or sentiments, who is well aware of the cunning side of the inspector….So he portrayed his small percentage of guilt without leaking his attitude nor the truth…. he wanted to express his condolences, guilt, helplessness and yet show that he was right in doing so…. The non-guilty face with the wet eyes telling a different story(Mohanlal sir, brilliant you are!) explained the whole above.

Meanwhile, Kamal sir has nothing to prove. He is Ulakanayakan. He has portrayed a man who is completely broken down by the sentimence and tears of the parents. His attitude has been torn apart and the guilt is ever more expressed to what he has done. I think instead of copying mohanlal, he pulled the scene to what he is good at (the sentimence ) and done ever brilliantly.

Conclusion: Both have shown justice to the roles. Kamal did better in the acting part on what he has done. Mohanlal did what is exactly needed to justify the script. The elegance and suitableness on LIVING the role than acting the role, that difference pushes Mohanlal ahead.

Saju purushothaman says:

Both are excellent actors , cannot compare , but in this movie , Mohanlal created the role from infinity , bu Kamalahasan have a protype to act the same role

sajics saji says:

lalettan acted natural kamal sir acted seems like his son died that much emotion don t need here

Rakesh Kombra says:

Brilliant take mate. Loved the way you analysed the two climaxes. Both Mohan Lal and Kamal Hassan are great actors — two of the best this country has produced. I am a fan of both actors. Like you said, the movies have their own flavour although the storyline is the same. Mohan Lal's sequence reflective of the less melodramatic style Malayalam filmgoers prefer these days, while Kamal's climax scene was reflective of the slightly more dramatic tear-jerker reflective of the style preferred by Tamil audience. Thanks for the show

salison salim says:

Such an idiotic guy , he doesn't even know the character of both films . Character of both the people where different kamalhassan asked for a character with different personality as he felt he won't copying same character as mohanalal as a comparison would occur .Man u should watch both movies read about the characters They tried to act .,Atleast see the interview of kamal u will know it and Then make such a video . shame on you U cannot compare 2 character performing 2 different personalities .

Sunil Vettathukattil says:

doesn't require any comparison . Mohan Lal is the best than any actor in the universe

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