DJI MAVIC AIR REVIEW – Best Drone For Travel?

DJI MAVIC AIR REVIEW – Best Drone For Travel?

A detailed review of the new DJI Mavic Air ultra portable, compact drone, let’s see if this is the best drone for travel and adventure!

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In this video we’ll be seeing if the Mavic Air can handle the challenge of real life adventure, reviewing the specs and our favorite new features and also seeing if this 4k drone can deliver excellent video quality.


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Kombi Life says:

Since starting this channel we've been dreaming of having a helicopter in our backpack – that day is now here 🙂
✈ MAVIC AIR Price & Specs:

Bon Bon says:

Great Review 👍

Greg Smith says:

Nice work on the review — glad they sent you one! Now you have to go back and repeat the entire course of your multi-year journey so you can supplement it all with drone shots!

American Expat In The Philippines says:

I'd love to have one of those, but it's still beyond my budget.

Troopy Life says:

In reality it's only about 15 mins of flight time tho, 21 mins in perfect conditions and the battery drained to zero. I just wish the battery was longer then it would be perfect.

Donald Goforth says:

It is nice BUT. IF YOU HAVE THIS. WHAT does big brother have??? Think about it.

The Journey says:

Great review guys! Thank you! We have been looking at starting to update our gear and the DJI Mavic Air would be great to add to our trips!

mscchannel says:

The camera specifications not match the video quality looks like half the resolution compared to the "bulky" drone .

Sock Hawk says:

Hawking an $800 drone when I'm here just to watch your videos…scam artists …unsub'ed and disliked…bye bye.

Liam Henshaw says:

talk about endorsement

Wezel SA says:

Your production value is top notch!

Andrew Manson says:

While I like this video, it wasn't explicitly spelled out if this was an honest review or a sponsored ad.

It kind of feels like a sponsored ad. Can you guy confirm or deny it? It matters for the authenticity and sincerity of the review.

Chia Lor says:

It's $1000 guys. So for all you minimalist, you better not buy it LOL. If you did ALOT of outdoors video recording, such as hiking or an extreme sport. This is for you. All you other folks, need not to touch unless you just want a cool high view panoramic shot lol. Which isn't worth it.

far Away says:

Ben, what's the cost of it in ££££ please?

Procharged32 says:

Lose the hat, your a big boy now.

this my browsing channel says:

not the video i expected, but the one i needed

DnSAdventures says:

That really is a game changer in the drone realm of things! Once our channel grows enough to go after one of those we will definitely consider it! Thanks for sharing the awesome review, you guys rock! – Shane

Chris Rabis says:

does it work with an android phone

Dragon Ram says:

u sold me 1. that's for sure

The Night stalker says:

looks damn hot there.. why you wearing a hat..?

Xenon777 says:

how do you edit your videos when away from home?

My Life Thru A Lens says:

Can Someone Say “Sponsored”

Temmeh says:

Polak power too stonk

It's Adnan says:

I'm a newcomer, how do they have access to the internet? I need to know!

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