Disney Vacation Travel & Arrival to POP Century

Disney Vacation Travel & Arrival to POP Century

FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!! The Mouse Diva has upload a Disney World vacation vlog! I normally upload these to my family channel – Life’s A Whirlwind, but I have so many trips waiting to be upload, that I decided I would add them to this channel instead. Make sure to go over to Life’s A Whirlwind to see the other Disney vacations.
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Theme Park Brews says:

Awesome, we are staying at POP for the first time in October!

Yamilette Del Mar says:

Please help me!! I've commented before, but I feel so unprepared for WDW. Thank God I'm going in December. The thing we're most nervous about is dressing for the weather. We're from Puerto Rico, not used to the cold!! Do you have any videos or tips you can give me on the weather and clothing we should bring? You're the best & best regards!

crazy4RxLexus350 says:

Love Pop Century resort,really nice and clean inside and out.Stayed there twice and never had any problems.

Dana Oldham says:

We stayed at pop and we got treated like we were in a 5 store resort! We loved it so much we booked before we left for next june

Al Young says:

My extended family of 9 stayed at Pop for a week back in June. We had a great time! Over half of our group hadn't been to WDW before, so we blasted the parks and collapsed into our beds at night. Pop Century was immaculately clean all of the time, transportation to the parks was very convenient, and food was very good at Everything Pop (be sure to try the incredible Turkey Sandwich with Italian herbs, pesto, and fresh mozzarella). We'll be going back.

barbara pariso says:

Have never stayed at the Pop…maybe one day. I like the All Stars Movie and Music. Music has the family suites I think…have stayed there twice and loved it. Family stayed in the livingroom part and I had the room with the bed to myself!! Age DOES have its' privilages!! That sign for Florida I have never seen before…like it!!! Looking forward to your trip!!!

MegsTravelLife says:

I love staying at Pop!! Honestly the value resorts are not bad at all!! Great video

WickedlyMe328 says:

One thing I learned last trip was with dining reservations you can be 15 minutes late. Which happened and they were understanding cause I was at the Avatar preview.

Ellen Goodman says:

No pets allowed! Can't you read pigeon????


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