Delete the Crowds from Your Travel Video (without fx)

Delete the Crowds from Your Travel Video (without fx)

Have you ever traveled on vacation to a popular spot and wished you could make it look empty in your travel video? Tips to create the illusion without visual effects. In Vancouver, BC, Canada. Gear description below:

$3600 all-inclusive filmmaker kit:
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TheLipkinLife says:

Brandon, your videos and tips are so great. Thank you for putting out such nice content. We vlog but only have a GoPro right now, I wish we could get the kind of equipment that you have… maybe one day πŸ™‚

smirkingraccoon says:

Her face @2:46 🀣

Paul B says:

I was there and shot with my camera. It looks like I shot with a potato. Brandon's work looks like an elvish land from Lord of the Rings.

storyfrontier says:

it was click bait. But I liked it

Ahmed Fathy says:

Wow that final video is magnificent! They should contact use to use it as an ad.

Northern Star says:

Looks like dream 😊… love your vlogs.. there is so much to learn from !!

Matt Brockelman says:

So cool man. Your shooting style has this awesome combination of complexity and common sense. I'm always impressed with how you're able to take cool but relatively normal experiences and turn them into compelling final videos. Great inspiration for the rest of us!

Healthy Roots & Strong Wings says:

This is just straight inspiring man! Sweet job πŸ™‚

Brian Nguyen says:

Damn Brandon an other great video

MicroCam says:

this tip is amazing ! Thank you for keep posting video πŸ™‚

TheInfinite66 says:

could yoiu make a tutorial about sound effects like walking etc. when to apply
also how to record people clearly outside etc.
I know you don't want to say where you get you sound effects from but I will record mostly if not everything by myself anyway
(I like to shoot mini documentaries) or a reply would also be much appreciated
have a nice day fellow nomad/filmmaker

Anton Kollo says:

Your camera movement is impressive as always man. The one I need to learn the most.

Lucas Parizotto says:

You're the best! <3

Ky Bradshaw says:

That was super bad ass!

Atakan Karagoz says:

Great video, i wish u used more of slow motion and slightly slower pace but still good, keep up the work.

TotoRacing92 says:

Your videos are so inspiring!
Thank you, keep up the good work!

HarvyDanger Films says:

I shot a video of the Capilano Suspension Bridge almost a year ago. I couldn't have possibly imagined getting footage like this, without people, until now! Excellent tips! Thank you!

Kubilay says:

4:37 <3 <3 <3 dammm great video! thanks for your tips!

Dan B says:

This was brilliant Brandon, very clear, clever and direct. Good job especially narrating and keeping it dynamic, also loved the final edit, so many YouTubers never do anything with the tutorials they do! Got me excited to receive my gimbal in a week, would be cool to see a video on how to take gimbal movements to next level, you really control the angles and tilts, cheers

VampireLorrd says:

holy shit, you are good!

Lyubo Yanev says:

The result at the end…πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

doubledark2 says:

way too much work trying to avoid tourists; just come to Australia instead πŸ™‚

MyMajesty CorgiKun says:

I discovered all of these film techniques you mentioned when I began removing my mother in law from all recent birthdays and holidays

Allen Reid says:

Appreciate the fact that you wear a wireless lav mic to get better sound. Most would just rely on a mic on the camera.

Gustavo Polo says:

These tips were awesome!!! Thank you πŸ™‚

AyoooMikey says:

You sir are the man! You are the most talented filmmaker I have seen on youtube by far. I cant wait for your channel to become more popular! Thanks for the advice in the video.

Rene Lopez says:

Awesome video Brandon. What quick release plate are you using on the Zhiyun Crane? Cheers!

Armin Hirmer says:

pretty awesome

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