Dealing with Travel Burn Out as a RV or Boating Nomad

Dealing with Travel Burn Out as a RV or Boating Nomad

The life of a nomad – constant new amazing locations! It can sound so romantic. But sometimes we get tired of the constant juggling of logistics, changing locations, finding local amenities, places to stay and packing up. It can sometimes leave little time for dealing with life – work, family, medical or other life changes.

While our lives over the past 11 years have been mostly hyper-mobile (moving locations every week or two) and we absolutely love it – sometimes we get the burnt out too. In this casual chat, we’ll talk about it – and aways to deal with it without losing your nomad card.

This is an archive of a live video event – if that’s not your preference, check out our many other playlists of more produced content.


Cherie & Chris have been full time technomads since 2006. In the winter we explore land in our 1961 GM 4106 bus conversion. In the spring/summer we move aboard our 1999 Bayliner 4788 slowly exploring America’s waterways along the Great Loop.

We share for fun in our spare time. We have full time jobs that fund our adventures – running – where we track mobile internet options for RVers and cruisers.

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blake daigle says:

im not a traveler but i do live full time in a rv park pay 350 for monthly it includes all utilities

OURv says:

Travel Burnout ? Is that even possible ?


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