#DCTV: Everything We Know About Next Season (So Far)

#DCTV: Everything We Know About Next Season (So Far)

Strap yourself in, #DCTV fans, we’re about to get you caught up on what’s ahead for your favorite shows. From Supergirl’s newest baddie, to the title of Gotham’s season premiere, to what we can expect from new series Black Lightning and Krypton, this clip will bring you up to speed on what’s been announced so far…just in time for Comic-Con.

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The Hound says:

All these news about garbage shows like supergirl and arrow but not for the best dc show legends?

Daddy Hill says:

What about Ledgends???

Fizzy Quizzler says:

whats with the lack of legends of tomorrow news?!?!?!

Marko Jovanović says:

Why is iZombie DCTV?

j18s17 says:

im most hyped for the next crossover 😀😀😀

universallaw29 says:

Who is excited for Krypton

Angel Moody says:

Wait.. the Flash: Reborn? Like as in the Flash: Rebirth? Ooh this should be a good season. That was a good series for the comics. (Although they already used his twins name for who took over Harrison's body and then the time remnant did basically everything that thawne did so his character is kinda gone but there are a bunch more they could still use… I'm excited. Plus it comes out on my birthday so happy birthday to me I guess haha

Jamie Mannell says:

I'm gonna be well pissed if Barry isn't main character in season 4.

Jamie Mannell says:

Will Black Lightning be part of the Arrowverse?

Jamie Mannell says:

What about Legends?! Show the love guys :'(

Tj Friedgen says:

Y'all didn't bring up Legends of Tomorrow at all?

Mathouuu __ says:

I want a batman serie 😂❤️

Joewolf26 says:

Gotham S3 is still not being shown in the UK, why DC why

Tanequa Woodson says:

will Barry Allen get his powers back in season 4

MyGame_MyRule says:

I just hope that isn't another evil speedster in the next season of the flash.

katmore9 says:

no word on Young Justice? 🙁

Mr Dufenshmirtz says:

More new shows, still no season 2 of Constantine.

EiJi Lee says:

They mean few minutes on supergirl ending and 3 full episodes crossover. xD not 4.

Creeperslayer 01 says:

Ya they officially announced the thinker is the Flashes villain for season four

Officially PSYCHO says:

everyone knows the flash villain is gonna be the thinker!!

Awesome Man says:

and legends

Miky Herrera says:

Octuber is coming

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