DC LEGENDS Gets Nightwing & Teen Titans + More News

DC LEGENDS Gets Nightwing & Teen Titans + More News

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We’re adding some Titans to our tablet in this week’s DC All Access news roundup. Special correspondent Rahul Kohli (iZombie) drops in to talk to Sean Duggan about the newest additions to DC Legends—Nightwing and the Teen Titans! Plus, Yvette Nicole Brown discusses voicing Amanda Waller on DC Super Hero Girls, John Ridley talks The American Way: Those Above and Those Below, and we round up some of this week’s must-read new comics.

For more on The American Way: http://www.vertigocomics.com/blog/2017/06/29/carving-the-american-way

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Harmony Rich says:

so earth 1 gets Batnan Robin and Night Wing? I hope so ?????

Davi Cainã says:

DC legends beast boy please

1997Nightwing says:

More Nightwing is always a good thing.

Gaming Beast says:


《 Sketchaholic 》 says:

Never refer to Mr Freeze with puns. It never ends well

Bats says:

Whitney, i am very indecisive and always have trouble picking my favorite anything. But without a doubt, you are my favorite everything.

Me represent you says:

i want buster gold

Bobby Vee says:

How does Spade get Wally to trust me after the Lazarus Contract story line?

Super Harley Quinn says:

If I didn't play DC Legends I would of thought they meant the show too.

J&N Gaming and More! says:

I thought the title meant that nightwing was gonna be on legends of tomorrow

Esai Gomez says:

can we have a night wing movie

Juan Duran says:

Yes!!! Blue Beetle and Terra!!! 😀 Oh Yeah!!!

cartoon80s90s says:

3:13 Batman? Happy? Smiling? Okay, this is obviously a mistake.
Meh, not a fan of the chibi style minis/art (in fact I harbor a strong dislike for them) so this is a miss for me.

Jojo Green says:

dc thank you for creating nightwing i love him!!

eligamerman says:

I don't play DC Legends but I'm glad to see them add Nightwing and the Teen Titans to the game.

Movie matics says:

Who else thought Nightwing would be joining the DC Legends cw show? Me! ugh

Darius Henderson says:

I don't know about you guys but blue beetle should get it own TV show

TheGoGoSpaceMonkey says:

I Have Been Waiting For Nightwing, My FAVORITE SUPERHERO, To Come To DC LEGENDS!

eldavidoso says:

when is the urpade of the dc legends app? i love blue beetle and i need them
who can tell me ?

Boba brown says:

Jonah Hex first appearance was in 1972

Eminem1064 says:

NIghtwing is my favorite hero!!! Need more Dick Grayson!

JacksonInTheBox says:

I thought it was legends of tomorrow..

David Price says:

Terra is on dc legends too? nice.

KR4ZY G4M3R says:


tengog11 says:

Can you continue Teen Titans? and make season 6? please

Lu&Ciel-Dreadlord says:

wait- but where are Raven and Robon in dc superhero girls? :c

David Sanchez says:

Who is the girl in green on 8:26?

celticwolff says:

If you have not read John Ridley's novels, you need to. He is and incredible writer. "Everybody Smokes in Hell" was the book that got me hooked on his writing.

David Sanchez says:

Mr. Freeze looks cool, literally…. ohh, no… not again…flashbacks

Arthur Curry says:

is tiffany still a host?

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