Thursday morning brings us a DC Collectibles panel at Comic-Con…and a DC Collectibles clip on All Access! Get an up-close look at some of the stunning statues and awesome action figures revealed today at SDCC, including a new DC Designer Series Trinity statue by Jason Fabok, Becky Cloonan’s stylish addition to the Batman: Black and White line, Babs Tarr’s lively take on Harley Quinn, a gorgeous recreation of the famous race between the Flash and Superman, and much more.

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Derek Garcia says:

Please inform me on how to pre-order the Superman/Flash race and Trinity Statues

VGM Fighter II says:

Bring back the cancelled figures you dicks!

RamenCupBMG says:

jessica cruz!

Gary Eakin says:

❤ Harley Quinn

Troy Jackson says:

Harley Quinn black canary supergirl and the flash look great

Two-Face says:

2:36 but why is Superman not smiling? NOT MUH SUPERMAN!!!! (Joking)

Ayy-Mayy-Zo Superwoah says:

Gotta hand it to DC. When they want your money, they know exactly what to create to make you hand it over.

Lafin Dumonde says:

Cancels icons gives us a new wave new scale no accessories thank D.C.

mtm depa says:

It's sickening how SDCC gets all the exclusives. There are other cities in the world where collectors would like some cool stuff too guys!!!

dimas metakaryanto says:

DC icons already discontinued?

Kinta Minami says:

what about the kotobukiya nightwing?

NYManChild says:

Ugh figures look great but will come crossed eye, some strange scale, in a box set with 3 rereleases that you already have. You won't fool me again Dc collectibles. Hopefully hasbro gets the rights to dc figs

Angus Chan says:

I can't be the only disappointed with the lack of CWDC (Arrowverse) figures

Y Fernandez says:

Jessica Cruz, the "Latina" Green Lantern… AWESOME! ❤️👍🏻❤️

Protoman says:

More Nightwing, Less Harley

BTW says:

Lucky people at comiccon 🙁

Cyconzo says:

My boy Nightwing finally getting some recognition.

DebbyAbqNM says:

Cool! How many of them are made in America?

Bat Knight 27 says:

Good bye money

Dustin Horton says:

Shut up and take my money already!

Olly George says:

That trinity statue is gorgeous.

Pink Del Rey says:

Another Superman??! Another Batman?!?! Another WonderWoman?!?! Another Flash?!?! Another Green Lantern?!?! Another Aquaman?!?! Another Harley?!?! Where is Cheetah?? Where is Mongul?? Where is Sinestro?? Where is General Zod?? Where is Brainiac?? WE NEED MORE DIFERENTS SUPER VILLIANS FIGURES!!!

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