Damian Lillard Gets Real About Kyrie Irving Wanting Trade From Cavs | SI NOW | Sports Illustrated

Damian Lillard Gets Real About Kyrie Irving Wanting Trade From Cavs | SI NOW | Sports Illustrated

Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard gives his take on Kyrie Irving’s request to be traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers: “Who wouldn’t want to go to the Finals every year?”
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Damian Lillard Gets Real About Kyrie Irving Wanting Trade From Cavs | SI NOW | Sports Illustrated



vjflem says:

The Realezt niqqa in da NBA

tayshawntf vang says:

let's make this happen CLEVELAND!!


Darryl Dukes says:

well if he didn't make them better, he show made them winners. Don't forget Labron left a so called super team down in Miami. They didn't make the playoffs. Don't say Bosh was hurt bcz he got hurt the next year. Give this man his props.

Sav says:

Dame sounds so stoned it's funny😂😂

Gregory Edwards says:

Kyrie Irving to the Pheonix Suns for eric bledsoe and devin booker.

Shan Lo says:

Kyrie has amassed alot of haters for what he has done…you get to 3 straight finals and you wanna leave that cause you just want to be a focal point of the team? wasnt he the focal point already? he took.more shots than lebron and even let him take more shots in the clutch time.

Valar Morghulis says:

"Blazers in 6"

Djadis 187 says:

Droppin dimes droppin dimes!!!!

Elijah The Truth says:

My dude Damien a low key OG. Demar could learn a thing or two about how to reserve your G-ness.

mendelvio glo says:

if this man goes to the cavs …..omfg…..😮lebron wil re-sighn

Jøséph Āntön says:

Lillard by far better all-round player than Kyrie. He already led his team to the playoff once in the west when Kyrie didn't even for once in the east. Don't even need to debate

Dark Lord Sauron says:

I remember people used to laugh at me and still do. When i say lillard is gonna be a pretty good player

pablo romero says:

Fuck it let's trade for lillard

kedai sam says:

Kyrie tried to do the kobe moves where kobe did it by kicked out shaq and he became the team leader. This is the exact same move. The snake

George Tow says:

Imagine Kyrie stuck in Cleveland when the season opens. How on earth is he gonna play with Lebron and company? Pretend nothing happens?

Mr.Jordan Face says:

Kyrie And Damian should trade

Eric Quick says:

Kyrie bite the hand that fed him if lebron never came back to cleveland we would still be tryna win lottery picks in the draft he claims he wants to be the star player yet when bron was in miami wtf where you doing kyrie you couldnt even lead us to a playoff spot we barely could win 30+ games lebron is the reason why you are a top 5 guard in the league he is the reason why you been to the finals 3 times now you want to leave him he dont need you. You need him

bruh h says:

Yall talking to eryone but Kyrie

MVPGaming Hd says:

Damian Lillard Kyrie Irving trade I would like that

NiftyTan says:

Damian get will cherry in the league

Jermed Jones says:

Kyrie for Dame. Do it Cavs!!

Devonte Blair says:

0:25 loud ass smack 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

Holyeric akamegakill says:

If u play with lebron expect that u will go to finals real talk

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