Daily Travel Budget $$$ in BRAZIL – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW [ VLOG 8]

Daily Travel Budget $$$ in BRAZIL – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW [ VLOG 8]

Brazil is an expensive country, so I show you how much I am spending on traveling here daily. I also give you the options you have in choices, the range of money you will spend when you travel to Brazil with food, hostels, housing, entertainment, beer, night life, healthy food, fast food and more. I hope this video will give you a general overview on the costs associated with traveling Brazil to help plan and organize your very own adventure here. Don’t miss it!

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klrpilot15 says:

Brazil + KLR = WIN

Gabriel Souza says:

Bro, 3,10 Real for Each Dollar

flamepeace says:

Becarefull when yout go to RIO DE JANEIRO..
you cant enter in the FAVELAS STREETS

2 motorciclers from ITALY do this..and the drugdealer killer one of them..

Dont follow your GPS …ask for the people (from hotel) where you can pass and where you can not pass

Chemistry Atomistic says:

1US$ = 3,1R$ (2017, april)

Diego says:

Alex, please be careful with pre-prepared foods in the supermarket, check the expiration date and feel if the smell is good, I say this because the supermarket's focus is not to sell such products. You can go in some bakery and buy the ingredients to make your snack to your liking at home. Have a good trip.

Ricardo Soares says:

Você vem para o Rio de Janeiro?

zerocool5468 says:

$100 a day estimate so roughly $3000 a month to live in a hostel and eat grocery store food. Surely that's one of if not the most expensive countries in latin america.

Olavo Alvim says:

Alex, I'm a brasilian guy. I love your videos. loving this types of this news videos. Congratulations! You inspire me…

Javier De Velasco says:

dude love these type of videos broder- keep going, thank you for uploading

Arthur Menezes says:

Make a patreon, bro! That is good info. And if pass by Aracaju/Sergipe i can recommend some nice trails 🙂 Good trip bro

Thor Hammer says:

Thanks for adding this kind of practical info. Pls show us more about the life on the road, the hostels, etc.

UltimateNik says:

If you consider these prices in the supermarket as cheap you should definetly check out the prices in germany?

taylor lee says:

Hi. Is Porto Alegre safe??

Matthew Barnes says:

hey alls…

Castelar Filho says:

Zaffari is the best supermarket in Porto Alegre, I think is comparable to Target in USA, off course… much smaller… You gonna love Florianopolis beautiful city!

MadAdventure says:

Where are you planning to travel to Brazil? I am from there but live in Floroda USA.. let me know I will give you some idea.

Pedro Henrique says:

4:11 Those beers are not imported.

MisterBassBoost says:

Nice! Keep it up!

k2crasher says:

You completely messed up your conversion between reals and dollars.

Rodrigo Ferreira says:

Hey, Alex! Are you still here, in Porto Alegre?! That's my neighborhood.

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