Cyprus Vacation Travel Video Guide • Great Destinations

Cyprus Vacation Travel Video Guide • Great Destinations

The island of Aphrodite, Cyprus, lying in the eastern bowl of the Mediterranean Sea, awaits tourists with warm sunny weather, diverse landscape and friendly locals. On the third largest island of the Mediterranean Sea, recreation is provided by crystal clear water, beaches with golden sand and forest-covered hilltops, while little villages, monasteries and the ancient monuments are all interesting sights. During its long history Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Turks fought for this island. All the conquerors have left their marks in the form of magnificent mosaics, silent temples, huge forts, and thin minarets. Larnaca, which is now also a holiday resort, the capital Nicosia, Lefkara village, known for its craftsmen, the beautiful Pafos, and the Troodos mountains all give us unforgettable memories. Cyprus is ideal for those who like to lie on the beach, surf, take tours, go on a bike tour, but for the skiers as well



Alwin Red says:

Overall an OK Video Guide for Cyprus, but the downside is that the quality of the video is low!

luke20picart1 says:

No one read the script twice. Mostly good guide but has lots of foot in the mouth moments

Raphie Elle says:

Here I come Cyprus!

Direct Traveller says:

Good video insight into cyprus

Sharifah Abdeen says:

my dream vacation ??

Madam Thai says:

I want to go there.

Jack Davids says:

Why did you ignore the other side?

Anete Berzina says:

Great video. I loved Cyprus, it was one of the best holiday destinations ever 🙂

Lawrence Vas says:

It is most delightful to see Cyprus through this video. Would you please give details of the music playing in the background of the above video.

Ramón Valenzuela Egea says:

Debe ser horrible vivir en una isla dedicada exclusivamente al turismo. Todo es tan mercantil y ficticio allí. Un turista no es un tonto, aunque lo parezca.

Khu NoPie says:

480p? what gives Expoza? Can't afford a 2010 or newer camera?
With HD content online, I would love to watch this video, but I won't because the quality looks terrible on my 60 inch TV. thanks.

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