Crazy Mexico City Easter Festival! (Iztapalapa Passion Play) – Travel Couple VLOG #327

Crazy Mexico City Easter Festival! (Iztapalapa Passion Play) – Travel Couple VLOG #327

Each year at Easter, the Iztapalapa borough of Mexico City celebrates Holy Week with a grand passion play of the story of Jesus Christ. This has got to be one of the best things to do in Mexico City!

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Song: My Future by Artificial Music
Insensato by Café Galería Amparo


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WΔY ΔWΔY says:

Happy Easter everyone! He is risen!

Blackplastic says:

I'm visiting Mexico in a few days, Tepatitlan de Morelos and San Miguel de Allende and your vid made me so excited to go. Thanks for taking the time to make such great videos.

TheChangospace says:

Happy Easter! He is risen!

J Arteaga says:

I love american people with exception donald trump. ????

Javier Lozano says:

I saw u before but now you are in Mexico city I will suscribe LOL u are very brave to go Iztapalapa is the most dangerous place in cdmx Well.. but not so much xd because there are good people, in fact i have 2 friends from there. It's ok. Well i hope have a great experiencie and enjoy México 🙂 ???? * i hope u haven't voted for donald trompas xd

mmgz1000 says:

I cant believe you were to iztapalapa, but you documented very well the passion play. I´m glad you show culture in a very cool way.

Germán Soto-Camacho says:

Hi, how can I send you a private message? I couldn't seen the commentary you left me in another video (was to arrange a meeting with both you).

Dead Zone says:

Ahnuma xd estuviste en iztapayork? :0

Oscar A Rodriguez says:

you are so brave to have gone to iztapalapa guys! ???????

Carlos Cortés says:

Hi. Are you going to visit Tenampa, Xochimilco, Pyramids, Puebla, Anthropology Museum? Greetings.

White Night says:

where are you guys from?

Ivan Herrera says:

thanks guys for sharing this awesome video with us i never been in iztapalapa so it was great to see how is actually the representation of jesus crist viacrusis that was something else gracias amigos !!

Thomas Kossatz says:

Well, I prefer this one here, and it is as likely then the "official version"

Juliogo DaS says:

That was cool ????????

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