COST OF LIVING IN VIETNAM – APARTMENTS IN DA NANG | Digital Nomad Travel Vlog 061, 2017

COST OF LIVING IN VIETNAM – APARTMENTS IN DA NANG | Digital Nomad Travel Vlog 061, 2017

Curious to know the cost of living in Vietnam? There are loads of expats already, and plenty more planning on, moving to Vietnam in the future to live, retire, or work as digital nomads. So we thought we’d document the costs of living in an apartment in Da Nang, Vietnam, and share the costs.

The apartments vary in price, but are all pretty reasonable and cater for everything a digital nomad would need in 2017. Life in Vietnam is great, super chill if you’re staying out of the cities and the cost of living is also really low. Da Nang is a great place for nomads, but we actually decided to move 40 minutes south of there.

Once we’ve been in Vietnam a bit longer we will share a full costs of living video that covers off all of our expenses, just like we did with Chiang Mai here where we break down all our monthly prices:

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Hi from Dane & Stacey – depending on definitions we do full time travel, slow travel, non stop travel. We move to a country for 1-3 months and settle in. Unlike most travel vloggers we rent a house/villa/apartment and immerse into cultures by exploring, eating local cuisine and living a life similar to locals while still hunting out our western wants and needs!

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Ave Pi says:

🤗🤗 Congrats on finding your villa. 'Our curious Georgia' live in Danang, they're Canadian Vloggers. There is an epic waterpark there, like AMAZING!!

Look forward to the next vlog 😀 Meanwhile back home the daffodils are coming out ☺

Space Hobo says:

Interesting choice…..:-)

JSTFD says:

I have to say living cost for a decent place in Vietnam is so expensive compared to other SE Asian countries surprisingly, not sure why. I was only in Da Nang for a few days back in 2014, I didn't find the locals to be very friendly (maybe because I look just like another local there), managed to get scammed there and maybe that's why my whole trip wasn't a very good experience compared to Hue and Hoi An. Glad you guys decide to stay in Hoi An! It's much more pretty there

Jay Rob Covers says:

Hey you guys are getting good at marketing your vids 😁

Quynh Nguyen says:

sooo happy I found you guys.

Al Tanaka says:

just googled Da Nang place looks dope, nice beach too

Al Tanaka says:


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