Controversial call leads to WBA’s equalizing PK

Controversial call leads to WBA’s equalizing PK

After Arsenal’s Calum Chambers is called for a handball in the box, West Brom’s Jay Rodriguez scores from the penalty spot to make it 1-1.



TheTruthiest says:

This is ridiculous. If this is the kind of thing they are going to call, players just need to start aiming for defenders arms instead of the goal.

Jonathan Diaz says:

Not a penalty, didn’t have enough time to react to the ball clearly wasn’t intentional. If it was intentional from Chambers he would have his arms outstretched or up high, his arms were still swinging with momentum from movement. So for all you brick-heads who claim this is “a text book penalty” try to defend a bouncing ball and tuck your arm in with less than 1 second to react. Mike Dean ruins another match. Where’s VAR FA?

Dani Flores says:

Chambers with the "JESUS FUCKING CHRIST"

janakiram suswaram says:

As an Arsenal Fan…i think the call was correct.The ball hit the hand and was rightly called we need to play better and not get ourselves in situations like this(have hands behind your back while defending inside box). We never dominated this game West Brom had equal amount of chances and the score is a reflection of that. I hope we play better against a Chelsea team that is just starting to be dangerous enough to give Man City a run for the title. I am not sure how we are going to do that without Ozil and Girourd. Atleast Sanchez is heating up and showing a bit more intensity but this is a team game and if we play how we played against West Brom we will be thoroughly embarrassed at home. Because Chelsea has an offense that is better than Liverpool and play solid defense and midfield as well. Well played to West Brom and COYG!

MCS HD says:

I think its a penalty. Harsh call… but for a referee… i think its a good call. Why put your hands in front of you reaching when the ball is going towards you??? "PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK". Simple.

Nick Soccer says:

his arm went down before the ball was even kicked in that direction. if it wasn't his arm the ball would have been blocked by the defenders body anyway. nope, not a penalty. ref decided to start the new year with everyone hating him lol

Aditya Gaonkar says:

Poor decision. Absolutely not penalty.

Mueed Khan says:

1:16 "It's a fucking disgrace"

Andrew M says:

Always a lovely sight to see arsenal suffer

Matthew Kodama says:

That’s harsh… but when you watch the camera angle from the opposite end line, showing the referee’s viewing angle, you can see why the referee called the penalty. From the referee’s POV, Chamber’s arm is clearly away from his body, therefore, it’s a handball. Unfortunately, the referee does not have the vantage point to give Chambers the benefit of the doubt.

Ji Seung Lee says:

Of course tht was a penalty. Mike Dean should fuck off to SPL or 2nd division or somethin

SwiftCross says:

Just get rid of him why is he still a ref

Pellogat Haywhy says:

To those saying any handball in the box is penalty are the newbies just watching football. The rule says any deliberate handball I the box is penalty. That's not deliberate

Tayo Omoloso says:

Any handball in the box is a penalty

Clayne di' Dio says:

Harsh call, but from the ref's perspective it really does look like Chamber's put his arm out towards it (even if he didn't). Shit happens, I've seen worse called against my teams so… it's just life :.

utensillo says:

his hands were in a natural position not to mention gibbs shot it straight at him, the fact west brom players and fans were surprised about the call shows how shit of a decision it was

Zach Szala says:

Regardless of the team playing that is the dumbest call Kieran hits it at his body. He mishits it so it goes right at callum if his hands weren't there it would of been a corner. Even so they made it clear that if his hands aren't in a position outstretched and away from the body its not a pk. We see this happen and 90 percent of the time its never given.

That One White Dude says:

From the referees view, it looked like Chambers moved his hand to the ball. Penalty from his view.

KaPR Jr says:

Harsh but i feel like if he just tucked his arms like he did and didnt give the ball a little push it wouldnd have been called

Toa Ninjis says:

As a City fan, that's a harsh call. The ball hit his hand within the frame of his body, and it was close proximity. Especially for a penalty kick that's really harsh. Aguero handballed his own cross in the CL game vs Barca which bounced off to Gundogan for a goal and it wasn't called because his arm was within his body frame. Not a penalty

Enrique Briceno says:

tbf the angle the ref had was the most incriminating

Omar says:

Mike Dean needs to get demoted again to the championship. Absolute brain dead. The ball went straight to his tucked hand and either way the ball would’ve hit his body.

Gurung pasang says:

Lmao from a former Arsenal player

Brandon Herrera says:

Horrible call…. not a pen

Elmer Martinez says:

Good call. Hand ball in the box is a handball in the box . Intentional or unintentionally

Aman tsegu says:

This fucking referee is a joke. Referees like him lowers the premier league standards. Non-sense

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