Child actors of 2017 : Kim YooJeong, Kim Saeron, etc [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.05.08]

Child actors of 2017 : Kim YooJeong, Kim Saeron, etc [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.05.08]

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ratih maharani e says:

kim saeron made a very wise remark. these children work professionally too, why are they not real actor?

colourful rainbow says:

lovelyz bgm

ruhi zen says:

Kim So Hyun is most talented one.

Nurul Afifah says:

Kim sae Ron here

Nurul Afifah says:

lovelyz now we in the background

angielee nobela says:

oh my God! where did the time go?! the kid from Star Golden Bell is a lady now!

Gelica Aguilar says:

i clicked for YooJung but wasnt disappointed at all since I saw my Jinsol!! ?

Claugita Andini says:

this child actor and actress really doing their job well despite their young age, I'm in tears :")) I'm just a rebel kid when I'm in the same age with them :'))

Kissy 131 says:

My sweetest ever baby girl #KimYooJung

Jin KISS Namjoon says:

What drama is 00:15 ? Thank you

instavids says:

Yoojung seriously looks the same!

Kunni Sangadati says:

Shin Rina with Kim Minseok oppa ?

Kerry-Ann Davis says:

Sae Ron well said, child actors are 'real' actors.

Sya La says:


LuvAnimeKpopLuv says:

they only called that last girl the key answer girl, why cant they say her real name?? what's her name?

andrea roswell says:

4:23 and 7:01 Lovelyz's Now We ^-^v

yuki471 says:

omg this is too cute!!! the whole time this video is playing i cant help but smiling. i wanna hug them all! ?

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