Chicharito puts West Ham ahead with header

Chicharito puts West Ham ahead with header

After West Ham nearly went up through a Marko Arnautovic shot, Chicharito wins a header in the box and gives West Ham the lead over Watford.



Beaner Tacos says:

Mexico best players : jesus tecatito corona , javier Hernandez ,hirving lozano,and andres guardado

USA best players : pulisic 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Junior Garcia says:

I’m a Mexico fan, but why bring in USA into this? 😂😂😂 y’all sound goofy lol no offense

Matthew Williams says:

Who the fuck edited this?

Vato Loco says:

que barbaro habia 5jugadores en el area chica y asi se las metio chicharito😂😂😂ese vato ez un killer

Pablo Vasquez says:

One thing I’ve always loved about CH7 is whenever he scores he always points and runs towards the person that assisted that goal!!! True team player!

ED says:

I like how they replay a poinless play 3 times and don't replay the goal

James Har_en says:

Us mortals dont deserve you chichadios

Angel Solo says:

When you take time from your day to come and critize a succesful guy you just have no life hahahah

fernando ordonez says:

Chicharito needs an inform card for fifa

Daniela Alva says:

ya  quisieran  ser   un    "tronco"  que   GANA  millones,,,,,,,,,,pobres  mentes  de   ignorantes envidiosos!!,,,,,,,,,,,,ha  ha,,,,XD

Ruby Landazabal says:

Jeje un gol el puto tronco y estos mejichangos le da un orgasmo pobres mediocres Hoy el Kun (ARGENTINO) metio 4 goles y ya va alcanzar a Kane su cacita "chichadios" se tendra que inclinar a la leyenda de Manchester City

lie gustafson says:

Este es el chichon que queremos ver en el mundial y si le siguen teniendo la confiansa asi seguira

Oscar Ramirez says:

Chicha is back he never gives up thats something to admire much respect

Javier Olvera says:

Bien por el chicharo para ke gare confiansa y yege con todo al mundial

08HSFK says:

I do believe in Chicharito

Rosendo Ernesto Rendon Jr says:

I'm Mexican, but leave the US out of this damn y'all.

Rosendo Ernesto Rendon Jr says:

Garbage ass replay.

macho tony says:

Chicharito deserves a better club.

Mack cornuts says:

Chicharito is as good as Harry Kane just smaller… I’m not even joking… if chicharito has a club built around him like Kane does he’d have more goals… hot take…

Flippps _1 says:

I’m sure more then half of y’all didn’t support Javier Hernandez when he wasn’t scoring. Stop being bandwagon fans.

Angel Solo says:

4 games, 3 goals , 1 assist with a midtable team, leading goal scorer of his team with limited playing time until now. And people call him "Tronco" and critize him.


This guys passion, heart, professionalism for the sport is just something to admire.

Mikey SZ says:

Now they start talking good about him because he scoring golazos. How weird people are. Go chicharito! Always supporting you on bad and good days.

Fred Buck says:

call identical quarterback gotdqpd mean gently technological fill talent suspicion.

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