Chelsea Won the Premier League [Who Deserves the Credit?]

Chelsea Won the Premier League [Who Deserves the Credit?]

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Chelsea won their second Premier League title in three years after a fantastic 2016-2017 campaign where for about half the season it very much seemed like they were running away with it. The back four, Cesc Fabregas, Kante signing and top notch play from Diego Costa were all ingredients in making Chelsea champions once again, but who, overall, deserves the most credit?

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Sebastian Tannæs says:

Chelsea winning should be a suprise to no one, they have the deepest and most well rounded team in the BPL and talent for days. Early in the season i wanted Liverpool to win and they might eventually, but i think that the biggest factors for Chelsea was Conte and Kante, Kante does the work that most footballers do not wanna do, so that gives more freedom to how all of he`s teams wants to play and Conte is simply a great coach, a great coach can change a player by only talking to them, where as worse or bad coaches have to try pretty much everything to get even Close to the best out of players

A to Z music says:

it is back 5

Gautham Sajith says:

Kante just won French player of the year, do a video on why he could be a Balon D'or candidate in an utopian footballing world?
Because that 2 prems back to back, a player of the year, french player of the year (beating greizman) , and a couple of other laurels as well this year!

Johnny Carlos says:

I'm not surprised morherfuckers

kirin says:

1 or 2 months? Chelsea fans knew it by Christmas

Complete Zach says:

Kante and Conte… Cante?

Sean Casey says:

could you not talk to someone that knows what they're talking about?

Josh W. says:

Chelsea will probably win again next year too they are most talented and best coached team in bpl, could make a run at the treble actually

Marcus De Villiers says:

They all do. Was just like Leicester last year
Full team performance. Congratulations to them for performing so well.

Nuc leus says:

Jason is the man

Ali Cengiz says:

"Tottenham was overachieving" "Nobody was pitching tottenham to be title contender"
Really ?! Tottenham had the youngest team in pl last year (still has) and became 3rd at the last second. Since Pochettino came along Spurs improved their play style, team mentality and all that stuff. If that was not a hint for tottenham to become title defender, i don't know what is.

Jasmin Richter says:

Well, they played a Back 3

Do something about it says:

Chelsea imo are the only real English threat to the 3 top clubs Bayern , Barca & maybe Real , their the dark horse of Europe and most consistent English team in the last decade besides last year , some summer signings with that rumoured 200 mil Conte is getting for squad depth along with some luck could definitely challenge for the CL

Samuele Protano says:

Talk about roma beating juventus

Dead Pool says:

Pep tactics are shit and he doesn't have a Super Team to win, mean while Conte Coached Italy and made them improved and Juventus who played in a 1 sided League

Only difference is Conte won the league his 1st year and Pep won 0 Trophies

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