Channeling Jesus Video Series #6 of 7- Entertainment

Channeling Jesus Video Series #6 of 7- Entertainment

Video number six- Tina channels Jesus who gives the spiritual take on excessive entertainment.



Lady Lozamay Luminiere says:

What would happen without TV, phones and computer?…..
We'd feel vey sad with our own lives for it's not our own gardens we are tending but fantasy
Leave the TV behind & have more Real LIfe experiences.
If this is only action you have in your life, it doesn't amount to anything, less real life will come your way, feeling your feelings and not really evolving. Can use it to stimulate and inspire instead, but if not will see as waste of time during Life review
Many thanks

Glenda Windham says:

Always look faward to your videos thank you for what you do

Raj Srivastav says:

excellent message…….thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

Angie S. says:

Thank you🙏🏽💜💫

Corey Ross says:

That is powerful message

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