CARGO SHIP CAME EARLY! – Cargo Ship Travel Vlogs

CARGO SHIP CAME EARLY! – Cargo Ship Travel Vlogs

CARGO SHIP CAME EARLY! – Cargo Ship Travel Vlogs. THE CARGO SHIP VLOGS ARE BACK BABY! Your boy The Traveling Clatt is going on a another cargo ship journey! Heres the Low Down!

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TheTravelingClatt says:


SouthernLiberty Belle says:

I'm so excited for this to begin! Do you think you could make your way into the ship's kitchen and see how the meals are prepared, etc? Love the food vlogs! Also, could you get some footage on the ship's deck at night…the moon, the stars, the sound of the waves, the ship slicing through the water, etc.? I'd love to see and hear what that's like! Wish I could smell the sea air with you! Safe travels! xxoo

Cindy Duran says:

Are you going to be in Rome? If you are do you think you'll be visiting the Basilica?

Eric Pankow says:

go to the engine room, I wanna see your food situation, I wanna see your bathroom situation, I want you to sneak around the ship and find secret areas, I want you to film the water from the deck where you would stand as if I was there, I am pumped for this, I want to see if there's bugs or rodents, I want to see what its like after dark, I want to see what the crew does for fun, I want you to throw a message in a bottle, anddd that's all I can think of now

Eric Pankow says:

sweeeet I'll follow

Peter Berger says:

This sounds awesome! I'm been trying to find out more about living/working on a cargo ship for a few weeks now, and possibility of a job change.

stevetheartistguy says:

I wish you could have shown a little more excitement…kidding! Hope you can get some footage of the helm, engine room, galley and the like. Also personally, I am curious about the ship's weight and how much tonnage it can carry and other stats. Oh, and how much does it cost to travel on a cargo ship. I have a lot more things I would like to see and learn, but I'm sure you already have all of that covered anyway. Looking forward to the next videos. Stay safe and have enormous amounts of fun! Steve & Lori in Texas. "I'm The Captain"….lol

JJ Ryder says:

Yes, daily videos will be cool!! Safe journey!

Will's Gills says:

This journey will definitely be amazing! You should try to visit Poland or some part of Scandinavia on your way around the world! Super stoked to see adventure! I´m 16 and you´re such an inspiration! I subscribed from the beginning and your content just keeps getting better! Proud to be a Clatt! #Clattclan

Jacob Carlson says:

#cargoshipquestion: how do you rank cargo ship poops 1 to 10. 1 being the crappiest, 10 being the happiest.

Bond Mood says:

A special on the captain and will he look like Quint from Jaws? Lots of bios on the crew. 🙂

Bond Mood says:

Alright Clatt, we're still stoked! It'll be ok! Shalom!

Lucas Hess says:

Can't wait to see your videos on Cargo ships. Keep up the great work, your videos are amazing!

Jackson Huey says:

Run around the whole ship as fast as possible

Jackson Huey says:

I was just in Italy. It was amazing, make sure to eat local!

Md Tashin says:

Make a motivation vdo on marine plzzz🙏🙏🙏

Charlienmeg says:

The beauty of travelling on cargo ships is, they stick to their own time lines and you just have to go along with it. They're not waiting for you and if they leave early then so do you, if they leave late then so do you. If they get delayed for weeks in a port somewhere, then so do you. It's the best 😀

Charles Vandergriff says:

Daily cargo ship vlogs would be awesome.

Charles Vandergriff says:

Cargo ship trip for the win!!

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