Cancun Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Cancun Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Surrounded by the warm waters of the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun is famed for its sunshine, history, and wild nightlife. Come to this former Mexican fishing village turned resort town to join legions of fellow sun worshippers – just don’t forget to pack sunscreen.

Your Cancun tour should stop at the Acuario Interactivo, where you can meet mariachi-singing dolphins and other friendly sealife. Explore the vast historical offerings of Cancun by heading to the Yucatan interior, where you’ll find ancient Mayan cities available to tour. A day trip to Chichen Itza, one of the world’s Seven Modern Wonders, is another must. Wander through its ancient streets and take in the temples, an observatory, and even a sporting arena.

At sunset, your Cancun sightseeing will come to a dazzling conclusion amid the wild nightlife. Watch shows, go dancing, attend parties, and make sure you’ve got your camera out. It all begins anew the next day; morning in Cancun means more time to make sun-drenched memories that will last a lifetime.

What’s your first stop in Cancun going to be?

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Grover Kennedy says:

Make a video on Acapulco Mexico please

Steffie Weffie says:

Lol @ narrator. "Dee sun wiilll continue to chine"

Nilson Cortez says:

how about for a honeymoon?

jennifer whitty says:

I love cancun
It was my favourite holiday

Neymar Jr says:

I am full Mayan burn in Yucatan. and I don't live there:( I want to go!!

v1p3rven0m says:

I've inherited Mexican blood. And good damn I'm glad I'm a Mexican Citizen

Mike Foster says:

its very wonderful place cancun is the best choice

Jose Vasquez says:

Cancun is a beautiful place to visit. One thing I did not like was that everything is cater to tourism. I wanted to be immerse in another country but I felt I was in the States.. I recommend play de carmen, there I felt that I was in Mexico. Tacos and traditional mexican dishes..


Basilica de guadalupe

Leonardo Morales says:

Where's Tulum? Now that's paradise

Denis Grassia says:

Messico è un paese di Merda avete un governo del cazzo Tijuana di Merda Messico e un culo culo minchia cazzo cazzo cazzo cazzo Merda Merda messicani di merdàaaaaaaaaaa andate a cagare coglioni andicapati Messico e un cazzo di scemi

Tom Luna says:

Wow that place does look amazing

Sofia D says:

MEXICO tierra bendita por Dios

LillyRocks desde el planeta Tierra. says:

Solo es un poco molesto cuando están los "sprinbreakers", 🙁


el paraiso de america america paradise

Evil Pagan says:

Meh, tourist trap.

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