BULL’S PENIS SOUP in MALAYSIA – Local Food Malaysia w/ Luke Martin | Food and Travel Channel |

BULL’S PENIS SOUP in MALAYSIA – Local Food Malaysia w/ Luke Martin | Food and Travel Channel |

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We’re in Penang and eating at Sup Hameed, a restaurant well known for it’s wide range of Indian Muslim soups including sup torpedo or bull’s penis soup. Torpedo is eaten by many in Malaysia as a tonic to support mens health. We sample a range of soups including ox tongue and mutton leg before being joined by our friend Luke Martin from Chopstick Travel to try the sup torpedo plus some Black Thorn durian!! We are huge fans of trying local food in Malaysia and everywhere that we travel. We understand that eating bull’s penis might not be everyone’s cup of tea but we ask that you respect the fact that it’s a common food eaten here in Malaysia and enjoyed by many. If it grosses you out and makes you a bit squeamish we’d appreciate if you’d just stop watching rather than making any offensive comments.

Where we ate:

Sup Hammed
48, Jalan Penang, George Town, 10000 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Open 24 hours

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Luke Martin says:

Yes this video makes me soooo hungry! Such an amazing way to spend our time together in Penang! More collabs to come in the future!

mohd fairus says:

iii… how are you guys now in south korea ???? selamat pagi…!!!!

mohd fairus says:

hiii… thomas and sheena…!!! wow…!! nice food video guys..!!! i love it… soup sooo good…

Mohammad Fitri Nasir says:

Ypu need to try din ikan bakar.. at kepala batas..

Brenda Benoît Dudley says:

I have eaten bull penis too. For me the texture was more like pig's feet.

Victor Chan says:

Welcome back to penang!

Rain Zakaria says:

The strangest food I ever had in Malaysia was bull's skin, called jangat. It's only can be found in Raub, Pahang. Maybe it tastes like penis too. Only the broth was tasty (masak lemak cili api with bamboo shhots). The skin almost like gummy bear.

Balochistani Tech Support says:

i is feel v.inadequate  !!

Rizlan Ghazali says:

Much too adventurous for me that penis soup…

Plus, as I said before I dont quite like the thought of all meats in one soup… the thought of strong mutton flavour puts me off a bit.

introverted guy says:

Hi sheena and thomas..it's good to see ur videos again..well i think it's not to late to say merry xmas to both of u and happy new years😉 ..oh yes bout this video of having the bull penis ermm i never had it before but looking at some people reaction of having it mmm not sure to try it or not😂😂😂 i think it will stuck in my throat and keep thinking that is bull penis😂😂 i might throw out sorry😂

Kits Kicks says:

Haven't tried that before. Does it really work as an aphrodisiac? Maybe you can enlighten us!

tomie myspace says:

I got smacked by Fast Rabbit 🐰 or something hopping like that for defending Bulls' private part eaters before…I'm gonna still defending them with all my might after getting the "powers" generated from the soups…whether it is really aphrodisiacs or just placebo I don't really care much…😀 Just enjoy the elasticity of the penis(es)…after all it needs to be elastic to be functioning at it supposed level best…Good night to you two, dynamic duo, wherever you are and whatever you do 😏

Rosalind Chioh says:

It's nature's au naturel viagra! …it's actually similar to tendons…I've had some at a noodle shop in HK…tasted pretty good if u can get over the thought of its origin!😆😆

Tosh T says:

The tongue looked quite delicious. Tongue is fairly popular in the U.S. on Jewish and Italian deli menus. I'll have a tongue sandwich probably once a year. Can't recall if you had lengua tacos in Mexico. Those are some of my very favorites.

To answer your question regarding exotic foods, the first thing that comes to mind is certainly beef testicles. Common in the U.S. west, the ones I had were sliced thin, battered and deep fried. Pretty good actually. A dish that you may see in some restos in the Southern U.S. is "brains and eggs" which are pork brains and scrambled eggs. Um. Not great. 😂

Syaza Solehah says:

Hahaha would like to taste that tho.
If i'm a kid n eat that with family i will ask my mom,
Mom, what it is?, it taste funny… (>π< )

hazimims 0202 says:

It's quite easy to know if Sheena love the food.. Head nod plus the signature "hmmm, hmmm, hmmm"..I never taste the bulls penis soup" before.. N not planning to.I'm just not adventurous enough in food tasting.. Hahahaha..

Hey You says:

Bizzare Foods hosted by thomas & sheena 😂

Vincent Chin says:

Cmon Luke it does not taste like gum. It taste like cooked penis. I was sure both the boys were powerful after the meal.

Monique Aris says:

My grandma used to cook cow brains in creamy green gravy. I loved it.

Beng Kiat says:


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