BMX vs Equestrian | Can They Switch Sports | Sports Swap

BMX vs Equestrian | Can They Switch Sports | Sports Swap

What happens when a horse rider moves from four legs to two wheels? Can an Olympic BMX rider learn to ride a horse in a day.

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Francisco Zabala says:

Like si crees que se llama Gabriel

Stavros Bustamante says:

Que chevere como intercambian sus deportes

Sylla Atlas says:

I enjoyed this a lot! Actually you now covered my two favourite sports in the Olympics: Rhythmic Gymnastics and Horse Riding! I myself want to get to the Olympics either in dressage or in eventing, so watch out in Tokyo or in Paris, as I would be 28 in Paris (so I think I'd retire then). But let me just say how amazing his stable looks! Unbelievable! Not comparable to those I ride at 😅! Thanks for 11:19 of happiness, Olympics! ❤️

Isabella Synek-Herd says:

Do fencing and taekwondo!

Cesar Patiño says:


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