Big Hit Entertainment announces possibility of BTS brother group!

Big Hit Entertainment announces possibility of BTS brother group!

Big Hit Entertainment announces possibility of BTS brother group!
Bang Shi Hyuk revealed some of the future plans for BTS and upcoming groups in the company.
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Girija says:

I would love to see a brother group for BTS!! Their interactions would be to live for! But I would also feel slightly worried for them because they have a massive standard set for them. BTS are now international sensations just like EXO, but unlike NCT, who had countless opportunities to showcase their talents and show us that they were worthy juniors of such giants, BTS's brother group may not have that option, which worries me. I don't want for them to flop. I look forward to seeing(and stanning) a new group that takes BigHit's name to even greater heights.

Suga's beloved neck pillow says:

follow my twitter for more of the fun boys #BTS

kaedo5x16 _ says:

But it would be so cool if there's girl group with concept similar to the one that bts has n_n

Pavlina Efth says:

when i saw the thing about debuting another group in the future i choked on my wateru.

My Vorpal Kookie says:

Hmmm…. sharing our BigHit intro jingle with another group?….
idk 'bout that….. ???

Siti Shariza says:

omg I have to prepare my heart

Sumaya Mohamed says:

What is this video supposed to mean I don't get it

Christina 크리스티나 Dieks says:

I actually wanted to audition for BigHit but I'm a girl maybe I'm still gonna do it:)

Tanwia Sajeed says:

is it just me? I really don't want a sub unit in BTS. I want the whole of BTS or nothing.

AiramBTS says:

Before they have another boy band, they should pay us a visit in Europe. Just for once.

ShifrѦ says:

Ah, let's hope the new group sees BTS as role models. Let's hope BTS helps them to achieve even greater things for the world of kpop.

limelight 8 says:

if they announce that they want or are thinking of female trainees , I will swim to Korea just to audition for that because I want to be BTS to be my brother ….brother group hahahaha

limelight 8 says:

I am really happy because I really hope that pdnim can make a strong brother group like BTS …full of talent and charms ~

Yurwon Lunghar says:

Bighit eomma is expectant with her second child. BTS her first child will now have a younger brother! I love this!

Rose Waters says:

I still think bts has a long way to go. and debuting another boy group is not something I'm trilled about. but I think it would be nice to see a solo artist or duel debut for something different coz they already have a boy group.

Nurliyana Najwa says:

new group? i am down for it

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