BEST TRAVEL CAMERA GEAR! Minimalist & Compact Vlogging Setup

BEST TRAVEL CAMERA GEAR! Minimalist & Compact Vlogging Setup

Best camera gear for travel 2017! This minimal, compact vlog setup is perfect for travellers and people always on the go. It’s what I use to vlog!
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On with the equipment list:

Screen Protector
Sony Batteries (don’t get offbrand ones)

A smaller one


For bigger DSLRs
For GoPro
For iPhone

Zoom H1 External Recorder
Sony Lavalier
iPhone Lavalier
iPhone Adapter For Recorder

Rode VideoMicro

GoPro Hero 5

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CupofTJ says:

TBH I only like to carry food ? so I gotta keep my gear light ?

DOWNLOAD FULL vlogging gear list:

P.S. Spent a little too long editing this..I was v excited (can you tell?) Vlogging resumes!

EO Kenji says:

hugs! hope to meet you soon xoxo from philippines

Tax Free says:

What's up FAM?! I like that. πŸ™‚

agust d says:

I love the end like "fin" because im a spanish speaker so i get it. Thank u for ur recommendation bc im going to travel in a week so maybe if i can buy one of these i wanna be very happy. ✨

PikuPiku says:

Your ideas are very different than others, keep it up, love it!

YouWorkit says:

Hey TJ, hope you come back here in PH. I really enjoyed this. I see improvement on your vlogs. Keep it up.

Jbmelmax says:

I guess I need to upgrade my Hello Kitty KT100 to a better one.?

Ramsey Mahmoud says:

Hi great video. what kind of software do you use to edit. thank you

Richard Bingham says:

Awesome job TJ very well put together video as for tripods I love my Manfrotto compact action tripod it has great reviews πŸ™‚

Dave On Arrival says:

Not much, what's up with you?

Raymond Rey CariΓ±o says:

Hello Cup of Tj! πŸ™‚ greetings from Manila, Philippines πŸ™‚

M A says:

tj nice informatin , keep up !

infiniteskies says:

Nice video TJ! It's cool to see what kind of camera gear you use. Do you have any recommendations for a more affordable stabilizer? ?

itsoliviamartin says:

"Hello third arm" haha love the quirky TJ + I LOVE DIS VID YO

William Davidson says:

Wow you deserve way more subscribers

S D says:

thanks for picking up this topic TJ. Love all your videos πŸ™‚

Gleen Padrequilaga says:

cool TJ! short vid that's totally on point. great video!

TheNicofabi says:

I remember when I was in Scotland… and i mentioned how much i need a Camera… so I went into a store and asked and back in germany went ahead and got me the Sony Alpha 6000, while its not as much of a video cam as your RX V is… i think it still will be my vlogging cam in Japan, once i get the Mic for it…

Reformatt Show says:

cool!!! i have the same setup

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