BEST TRAVEL BACKPACK FOR 2018! Carry On for Travelers + Vloggers

BEST TRAVEL BACKPACK FOR 2018! Carry On for Travelers + Vloggers

3 best travel backpacks and bags for travelers and vloggers this 2018! More backpack reviews at Pack Hacker:
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Hi! I’m TJ Lee. In 2016 I sold everything and left my life in California to become a digital nomad – basically someone who is location independent and works online. I started doing photography & videography gigs before moving into social media projects. The past few months have been the most challenging but rewarding experience.

Along this journey, I began documenting my travels on Youtube. My videos started to pick up and people started watching! I’m grateful today to have a community of kindhearted travelers and creative weirdos to share my work with.

This channel is always evolving just like my life. I have a new home base in Taipei, Taiwan after almost two years of living on the road. At the end of day, this channel about adding adventures – big or small – into your life and being 100% authentically true to yourself in the process.

Oh, and to eat good food whenever you can.

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Carl Manney says:

I missed your videos fam! Hope you are doing well 🙂

David Abeyta says:

Thank You for All your Great Videos in 2017

David Abeyta says:


FamousJerry says:

LOL you had the cap on for the second backpack of you taking a photo 🙂 Awesome video!!!!

CasperBaars says:

if your really looking for a nice travel bag try Douchebags!!

Eugene Cooper Jr says:

Good day TJ. 😉✌

Judy L says:

how did you edit this!! this was so cool!!! best gear video I've seen

Kym Tantongco says:

Oooo! I love how stylish Bag #1 is! I really need a specific backpack for my gear. I cracked the screen of my laptop before because it was in an "ordinary bag" that I dropped 😪😥

Aleesers says:

your new logo is purrfect

Morocco Travel Vlog says:

Great video
Really I need one
Happy new year

Todd M says:

lol whoever thumbs down is a jealous hag. major thumbs up from me 👍👍👍

Todd M says:

holy sh*t this was so good

The New Travel says:

Number 2 looks sooooo good for camera gear!

Ploy Pailin says:

Nice Video!
could you make a video about how you film/edit your videos?

Mary Le says:

the first backpack is indeed so photogenic!

maad901 says:

ok, but you're gonna use all the tips yourself as well… there're miles of B-roll to be made in 2018 😃 have a great new year Ms ☕o'TJ !

Shreya Khanna says:

The third one looks so cool 🌸

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