Best in Show Ceremony | WESTMINSTER DOG SHOW 2018 | FOX SPORTS

Best in Show Ceremony | WESTMINSTER DOG SHOW 2018 | FOX SPORTS

Watch the Best in Show ceremony from the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

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TypicalChris Mapping and More says:

Thought the spaniel or I was hoping pug but overall good quality of choices

07regia says:

Thanks for posting so soon after the event, which I never get to see live.

amutha janu says:

I love this dogs

Arlene Parris says:

How can 1 dog have so many owners?

Jay Aldridge says:

Sussex Spaniel was my favorite.

Kim Lowe says:

Love this years contestants

Lynne Niechniedowicz says:

Gorgeous little Fuzzball. Best choice I agree.


This dog while great did not deserve the win. I think these decisions are controlled and not based on honesty. The pug should have gotten the win.

SuperDeut4 says:

Awesome! Great choice!!!!!!

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