BEST IN EUROPE? Dutch Viet Netherlands Travel -AMSTERDAM / THE HAGUE

BEST IN EUROPE? Dutch Viet Netherlands Travel -AMSTERDAM / THE HAGUE

The fries aka chips cart is located at the HIlversum market on Weds and Saturday as well as a few other locations. Little V is in The Hague and Rotterdam (I havent tried the Rotterdam location yet) and Food Explore is in Utrecht.

Vietnamese in Switzerland:
Vietnamese in Netherlands Part 1:
Viets in Morocco:

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Original Music by Antti Luode.
Filmed with a Panasonic G7 14-140mm. 15mm
Audio from a Rode Micro / Rode Link



Peter Kelly says:

Always love ya stuff … when are you coming to Oz?

Christian Comia says:

How much your fare in Amsterdam?

BJ Martin says:

Oh hell no, Viets can't survive under 30 degrees.

ornivb says:

I thought chicken salt was only an Australian thing

dennis verhoek says:

Patatje pinda zijn, ;D

dennis verhoek says:

Amsterdam aint the netherlands

Andy Tang says:

You must have spilled the coffee when you tried to flip that over, haven't you?

Daniel says:

anyone from hanoi or got friends in hanoi? please help, i am planning to move to hanoi this year and need a room 🙂 (my insta is @danielxdang if you want to text)

Danny Lee says:

Pete is a Viet Martin Lawrence

Kyle Le Dot Net says:

Hi everyone. I'm having a meet up in San Diego at the Zion Market at noon tomorrow…sunday. see you there. More info on instagram and FB

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