Benzema Broke Atletico Madrid’s Ankles [Atletico 2-1 Real Madrid]

Benzema Broke Atletico Madrid’s Ankles [Atletico 2-1 Real Madrid]

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Karim Benzema put on the move on the Champions League with a touch that wrapped three Atletico Madrid defenders in a spiral and an end result being an Isco goal. The away goal alone made the two goal head start for Atletico still three goals short from advancing to the final, and instead, Benzema, Ronaldo, Zidane and company are headed back to the UCL Final to try to make history. They will meet Juventus in Cardiff.

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David Carr says:

luke modric is the best cm in the world

ground up says:

good job jason youve learned much young one

Sabastian Bouma says:

Great analysis Jason, who needs Francis anyway…

Sebastian Tannæs says:

Messi and CR7 are the players that other teams need to worry the most about then after those two it starts to become more debatable but Suarez, Neymar, Bale and so on are also on that list

Joel Johnson says:

did he just say to b played at Cardiff lol

Swish says:

"Ramos does not lead with discipline definitely not discipline,he leads with passion and his desire to win"

-Some commentator

The B(enzema)B(ale)C(ristiano) vs The B(onucci)B(arzagli)C(hiellini) established in Cardiff.

Tesfa Marcus says:

??? @jasonrubon did I hear you say why didn't atletico kick the ball out for a corner kick play? I tell you why they didn't it's because corner kick is like a penalty for Ramos ???

MUFC Tactics says:

Talk to me when you could score a spill and a tap in in the Premier League

tlovehater says:

Forza Juve lol.

Owen Clark says:

Wow when I clicked on the video I thought "Oh shit it's just Jason," but actually, I'm very impressed, great attention to detail. You've come a long way Jason, hats off to you.

madre1997 sen3 says:

How is that away goal if it is in the same city. LOL

Ibrahim Abdulmonem says:

I can see you trying to hard, but just focus on basketball.

ghostt21 says:

dude you are the best American football expert

Abdu Benhamou says:

I get the buffon deserves one, but nobody "deserves" to win the champions league, the team that gets the result does.

csgskate says:

Yo Jason, just wanted to give you big ups for how far you've come in terms of your soccer (football) analysis and knowledge. I remember when you just started watching football and knew nothing and now you are able to talk about it like you've been watching for much longer than you have. Impressive stuff and keep up the great work

chrishaun green says:

it's a very ramos thing to do lol

Eskinder Mamo says:

the UCL final.
the actual depiction of when the unstopable force meets the immovable object.

Daddy Mineta says:

Should've talked about Danilo/:

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