BATMAN AND HARLEY QUINN w/ Kevin Conroy & More

BATMAN AND HARLEY QUINN w/ Kevin Conroy & More

Batman and Harley Quinn, the newest animated movie from the mind of Bruce Timm, had its world premiere at San Diego Comic-Con…and DC All Access was there! In this exclusive clip, we talk to cast members Kevin Conroy (Batman), Loren Lester (Nightwing), Paget Brewster (Poison Ivy) and Kevin Michael Richardson (Floronic Man) about what we can expect from this unlikeliest of on-screen partnerships.

To watch an exclusive Batman and Harley Quinn clip:

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Alvin Hawke says:

So Matthew Gubler as Riddler, Thomas Gibson as Deathstroke, and Paget Brewster as Ivy. Which criminal minds character is next for the DCAU?

MegaBonesProductions says:

Funny how? Funny like a clown,Kevin?

L says:

More Batman please, DC.

Dan N says:

Why are they letting Bruce Timm do this to these characters? Dude needs to get laid, he seems to have too much pent up sexual weirdness.

Cobracatcommander says:

make batman and harley a thing and i'll be happy.

marino summer says:

im going to stop this video 1st off waste of money this could of happen in any time frame from the batman series i believe this just shoe horn in the batman the animated series WB DC just uncancelled yr plans tv shows put back what we fans enjoy watching no more movie tie ins its getting really old it getting really old go back to batman beyond go to justice league series again

Rae Estomata says:

I'm hyped :))

Fictional Dreams says:

Dear DC,
Can we please go back to having other heroes get their time in the spotlight? Batman's cool and all but I feel like you should let heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and more back into getting their own solo animated movies like Superman: Doomsday, Emerald Knights, Wonder Woman's animated movie and so on.

Crystaltokio says:

harly should have kinda romance with batman like old timess

Lucas Ackerman says:

If this is rereleased with Tara Strong or Arleen Sorkin voicing Harley, then maybe I'll buy it. Know your audience, DC. We comic fans are very loyal.

Lucas Zielinsk says:

Cool ','

Steve Von Doom says:

this should be interesting… i generally trust bruce timms approach.

Tom Cabler says:

Can't wait already pre-order it!

Adam Preset says:

Paget Brewster in all the things.

Insane Kawaii Artist girl says:

Night wing and Harley romance??? Where's Starfire bruh.U guys just ruined the classic image of her -_-

Dp Carter says:

Jesus can we get Static anything DC ? Toys , Rebirth comic , New animated series or movie something anything!??!?

Naughty Juri says:

I feel like a kid again I loved the Animated series but my only complaint is,

Harley voice is garbage, no offense to the voice actor but this character doesn't suits her, i wish they gotten someone different for this movie

Syafiq Razip says:

Harley Quinn's all over the place now, DC. Please stop milking the character. It was fun at first, now it's just too much of her. You have a whole lot of other characters to explore instead of Batman and her.

Art of Figgs says:

Now we need more Superman movies lol

nonya damnbus#1 says:

Of course they won't show Harley Quinn talking, they knew they screwed with this one, but still want people to  buy the movie, now I'm gonna watch it, but only because DUH Batman is in it. That's it, but come on DC don't ever pull another one of these, that Harley Quinn voice is a buzzkill for me and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone.

serhat keleş says:

Ravven vs dr.fate omg

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