Barstool Pizza Review – Emily West Village

Barstool Pizza Review – Emily West Village

El Pres reviews Emily in West Village. Emily has been recieivng high praise from many food critics, but the One Bite score from El Pres is the only one that matters.



The Machine says:

Dave dresses like a little fag lmao

No Name says:

summer time beard + hair gel= 90's b!tch

dolla$ign says:

what the hell did that kid say? honestly im what right now?

23 Savage says:

What kinda shirt is that?

JJ Smiley says:

"This doesn't look very echo-friendly" lol Davey you moron it's pronounced "E co"

Sniper91 says:

One munch everbody knows the regulations

Patrick McDonald says:

Where the fuck is my shirt of the month???

southieal says:

one munch everybody knows the commandments

Robert Mathy says:

Does anyone know his highest score? I feel like it was 9.4

ConsciousDrone says:

i randomly hear "Aye Frankie" in my brain since watching your channel

Dakota Nack says:

Let me work for Barstool Sports… I will literally drop out of college right now and help the common man, because I am a common man.

Nick McKee says:

You look like a god damn eggplant

xApemanx says:

can someone refer me to the pizza review spreadsheet?

RyanD808 says:

Hideous shoes

Bob Rakow says:

$18 for that cmon now

Macho Man22 says:

Am I the only one who puts hut sauce on my pizza.

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