BACK IN SOUTHEAST ASIA! Becoming Batak, Indonesia Travel Vlog

BACK IN SOUTHEAST ASIA! Becoming Batak, Indonesia Travel Vlog

Travel from Jakarta, Indonesia to North Sumatra and dive into the culture and traditions of Batak. Back in Southeast Asia and starting the Indonesia travel vlog series! Follow the trip in realtime on Instagram:
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Travel from San Francisco to Jakarta, Indonesia! Then onto Sumatra (also known as Sumatera).

Located in North Sumatera province, Toba Lake is the world’s largest volcanic lake. Here is the birthland of Batak, one of Indonesia’s indigenous people.

We learned about Batak cultures and tradition at TB Silalahi Center and Batak Museum, which are next to each other at the south shores of the incredible Toba Lake.

This is part of Trip of Wonders 2017 hosted by Ministry of Tourism Indonesia.
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was not a fan of the india vlogs, but glad your in indonesia, so far me likey

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Love this, 'Salaams' drives from 'Salaam' ie. peace, the greeting among Muslims around the world. Indonesia is on my bucket list of travels this year iA.

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Yesss I want to visit northern Sumatra next year while I'm in Indonesia but I've been having trouble finding information – I'm so glad you're there! And I love how educational this video is about the culture!! Thank you!!!

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Great vlog, I am going there later this year and you are really helping me decide where to go .. thank you Tj

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