Austin Rivers On CP3: ‘Expect Fireworks’ When Clips Play Rockets | TMZ Sports

Austin Rivers On CP3: ‘Expect Fireworks’ When Clips Play Rockets | TMZ Sports

“Business and basketball are two different things. They say don’t take it personal, but everybody does.” — Austin Rivers on Chris Paul.


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Austin Rivers On CP3: ‘Expect Fireworks’ When Clips Play Rockets | TMZ Sports



Cameron J says:

Ya'll some hating ass MF'ers ???

Cie Vona says:

Just cause you are worked up over Chris Paul and rumors, doesn't mean you can produce, bottom tier player.

Jordan K says:

Ya farther gave you your money!!

*Glen davis

Tez Jackson says:

Everybody does Take Sports Serious Idc If you play youth its personal

RothsteinDior says:

so phony.. beated around the bush every time he got asked a question

AndyDufresne987 says:

So hes never heard of the guy that will probably put his bumass on the bench.Funny

glinan says:

Trade this light skin ni**a on any team. He will be waived!!! #Facts #DLeagueLevel

Lucian Savage says:

Austin will do fooking nothing

Miha Tručl says:

He can only dream of being on Teodosics level and acted like he didn't know him "supposed to be a really good player" … What a BUM!

Victor Esquivel says:

He is fucking garbage ass kissing son

Chill Bill44 says:

"who" ?

Manny P says:

this bum needs to just stfu.. him and his dad needs both get sent down to the d-league

Cali life says:

Everybody left cause of this bitch and his dad.

Pacs2Pacs says:


Soundafek says:

Guess he won't miss CP3..

noel Bouabre says:

Rivers acting like he's all that! If it wasn't for his dad he would not even be on a team in the nba

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