Attachable Diaper Bag: Snaps on baby carriers, and strollers for hands free parenting for active families (Zig-Zag)

Attachable Diaper Bag: Snaps on baby carriers, and strollers for hands free parenting for active families (Zig-Zag)

For the times when you feel like you’re falling apart there’s k’Boodle: The attachable diaper bag that keeps it all together. Sometimes staying organized feels like one more chore you just can’t seem to get to. That’s why we created k’Boodle: to help simplify your life so you can stop stressing and focus on what really matters, quality time with your child. Why hassle with bulky over the shoulder diaper bags when you can wear that, too? You made a commitment to wear your baby, and you and your child love it! Why not also make the same choice for all your baby’s necessities? Feel confidently prepared as a parent with one less thing to carry. Roomy without being bulky, k’Boodle holds your diapers, wipes, teething rings, pacifiers, and more. Conveniently fit everything you need to keep your baby comfortable and happy while also keeping all of your essentials accessible. Be prepared for whatever life with small children throws at you, but without that overstuffed mess of a diaper bag. No Strap, No Hassle, No Catch–it’s just that simple. Whether you are traveling, hiking, walking, or shopping, k’Boodle moves with you so you can live life on the go. The Smart Snaps are part of k’Boodle’s carrier-to-stroller design, making it easy to securely attach and quickly remove your diaper bag from carrier to stroller or shopping cart as you move from one activity to the next. High-quality & Durable Construction Made to Last The high-grade manufactured snaps are designed to withstand pressure and weight, and can be fastened and unfastened thousands of times without malfunctioning. Created with active families in mind, the fabric blend is designed to endure life with children and comes in four unique patterns so you can parent in style. Created by parents, for parents All parents deserve to carry less, stress less, and live more simply so we can all enjoy precious moments with our children.

Product Features

  • DON’T LET AN OUTING BECOME AN ORDEAL; USE THE ATTACHABLE DIAPER BAG THAT WORKS SMARTER.  Can’t find your phone? Where did you put the wipes?! If only you could find your baby’s pacifier to help them stop crying… Sound familiar? Stop dumping out your overstuffed diaper bag to frantically find that one thing. k’Boodle’s no-stress design keeps all your baby’s essentials and your personal items organized and easy to find so you can focus on what really matters, quality time with your child.
  • SNAP, ZIP, AND GO! Whether you’re pushing a stroller, wearing a baby carrier, or hiking with a backpack, k’Boodle clips right on, adding a whole new level of convenience to your day.  Systematically organize your wallet, keys, wipes, & diapers with designated pockets, use the loops to organize teethers, pacifiers, bottles, and more.  
  • CONVERTIBLE, STYLISH, AND MADE TO LAST: Not only can k’Boodle be worn with your favorite baby carrier, but it also converts into an over the shoulder diaper bag by fastening the straps together. Created with active families in mind, k’Boodle is ultra durable and comes in a variety of unique and stylish patterns. Use k’Boodle as a baby carrier cover to put a fresh face on boring and old baby carriers.
  • THE PERFECT DIAPER BAG GIFT SET FOR THE PARENT TO BE IN YOUR LIFE: Give the gift every parent to be needs – organization and stress reduction.  Fun and functional, k’Boodle is a great diaper bag for dads and moms alike. They’ll thank you for it! SATISFACTION GUARANTEE :  We stand behind the quality and durability of our product. If you are not completely satisfied, return your k’Boodle for a full refund, no questions asked. PROUDLY MADE IN SANTA BARBARA, USA
  • THE ONLY DIAPER BAG MADE TO ATTACH TO MOST BABY CARRIERS. Designed to attach to your favorite soft structured baby carrier, k’Boodle is compatible with InfantinoTM, ErgobabyTM, BabyBjorn® One, Tula Baby, LILLEbaby and most other popular baby carrier brands. Whether you wear a front baby carrier, or a backpack baby carrier, k’Boodle makes it easy to carry your baby and what you need comfortably, so you can enjoy time with your child truly hands free. Not intended for use with baby wraps or slings.

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