Arsenal overwhelm Stoke City in 4-1 win

Arsenal overwhelm Stoke City in 4-1 win

Arsenal put four goals past Stoke City as they cruised to a 4-1 victory. The three points move Arsenal within a point of the top four in the Premier League table.



theresonly1zlatan says:

Why not get rid of this retarded music and have the live match commentary instead?

sthanad20 says:

that rob holding did 3 tackles in a row! #loveit #badassshit

CoastSkatingTeam says:

ryan shawcross has become shockingly bad

FrostBitey10 says:

Crouch is an unreal footballer. First footballer to score by dabbing.

FrostBitey10 says:

Hand of Crouch.

Jose Flores says:

great goal by crouch

Zte Usa says:

May the 4th be with you

Max Baker says:

Ramsey coming up with those assists to answer the haters! love it

Moon Man says:

Stoke with the Sunday league goal ??

skillz360ist says:

giroud is a god when he plays with arsenal fc he makes the lads motivated.

savage mophat says:

Nice play from the gunners

Drake Costanza says:

The battle for 5th/6th place between Arsenal and Manchester United. How exciting.

Jack Haywood says:

chelsea already won the league. sad you gooners are excited about placing top four still

Philip Duodu says:

Crouch with that Hand of God goal.

Tamir Jean-Charles says:

should have been 4-0, wtf was that handball

freshprince512 says:

Get rid of the music geez.

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