Anniyan Climax Scene Reaction | Vikram | PESHFlix Entertainment

Anniyan Climax Scene Reaction | Vikram | PESHFlix Entertainment

Check out our reaction and review to ‘Anniyan’ End Climax Scene. A 2005 Tamil film starring Chiyaan Vikram and directed by Shankar.

‘Anniyan’ Karate Fight Scene Reaction:

Anniyan Movie Scene: Vikram confronts Prakash Raj

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Harihar Karthik says:

Dear guys, where are you people from? I was amazed to see foreigners reviewing Tamil films. Just curious! 🙂

Rahim A .Tamil Rocks says:

please Vettaiyaadu vilaiyadu kamal movie Climax Fight Reaction Please

Raguram jeevan says:


Clinton P says:

+Peshflix Entertainment Guys, you should understand something, It is not actually a split personality, technically he is possessed by a demon, Anniyan means stranger or you can say Allien. That is the reason why he is stronger and have those powers, Science doesn't support supernatural things , so obviously it is termed as split personality according to science. If a person believes in supernatural things and have some basic knowledge of science, this movie is pretty easy to understand. Most of the Indians will understand the concept.

crazy song says:

Bengali movie reaction nabab starting superstar Shakib Khan

justin poulose says:

watch anghamaly dairy 100% realistic

Abhinav Putta says:

make a video on rebel intermission fight scene… literallyly that scene sucks ..but still it is cool to watch ..

Cam Cam says:

love u guys

Cam Cam says: this shows the character of vikram anna

Cam Cam says:

deiva magan the next level of Vikram's act

manikandan mks says:

ennada…… loose aahha neenga. ….ithula onnumea illai….

harish 98 says:

please …stop talking …. or talk less…. please …it's annoying

sanjay s says:

thanks peshflix fr reacring to this…pls also react to deiva thirumagal climax court scene of vikram…its also great scene wid vikrams splendid performance…pls do make a reaction on it..plsss

Vishnu Baiju says:

chiyaan daaa???

Rajesh Babu says:

you shud see kamalhassan Indian movie . react to those scenes

I Love India says:

please react on fans reaction about our DEMIGOD power star PAWAN KALYAN … please please please…

Stern king says:

try Pithamagan climax scene..whole different Vikram

Shiyas Sultan says:

Super boys Good reaction ???ur all episode good…

RaphaCool Johnson says:

Thanks for the reaction??

troll dinu says:

plz react to deivathirumagal climax

troll dinu says:

chiyan vikram

Akhil S Kumar says:

bro AYAN(surya ) movie chancing scene…..plz react????

Gamer Boy says:

nice reaction liked it
make some more videos like action scenes video songs

sanjeev raj says:

thank uuuu…

Santhosh Thota says:

watch n react to Jr ntr's yamadonga first fight scene

Jack Joseph says:

Probably one of the finest masterpieces of Tamil Indian Cinema !!

Abhilash Chandran says:

Vikram is not young man, he's 50+?

Christy Noj says:

I'm always inspired of. Mr vicram acting

r. elangovan Ela says:

do pithamagan

praveen says:
bro pls react to this fight scene

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