Android 18 vs. Captain Marvel….DEATH BATTLE…REAL REACTION

Android 18 vs. Captain Marvel….DEATH BATTLE…REAL REACTION

It’s Time For Death Battle….skip to battle:21:00 …Real People,Real Talk,Real Discussion….Thank for watching and Make sure you check out my Channel…. Don’t to forget to SUBSCRIBE….

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Roshon Ford says:

Kirby vs majin buu death battle

Roshon Ford says:

React to Kirby vs majin buy death battle

LiK says:

"I'm Kevin Durant!" Haha, that was a fun bet.

Patrick Guider says:

That Scarlet Witch vs Raven would be epic

Raiden Martinez says:

you should check out animationrewind CFC.

Raiden Martinez says:

just saying metal Sonic has a copy abilities and he copied chaos, and the characters from Sonic heroes

cornell murray says:

When are they going to do Beerus vs Darkseid

Vizual Mastermind says:

black panther vs batman

Enderdragon1201 says:

Android 18 absolutely wins this battle, especially the DB Super version.

Kickinthescience says:

Lol Kevin Durant

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