Alexis Sanchez an option for City after injuries

Alexis Sanchez an option for City after injuries

Following Pep Guardiola’s updates on the injuries Man City suffered in their 0-0 draw with Crystal Palace , Rebecca Lowe and The 2 Robbies discuss whether the club could bring in Alexis Sanchez in January as a result.



The New Guy says:

I’m a strong Manchester City fan, and I heavily dislike the results of this match. A nil nil tie, two injuries, and not even a red. Well, 3, But I’m disappointed in Man C. I think we should have been able to win. But we played poorly, Palace played dirty, and the result is a bad draw. I hope De Bruyne and Gabriel Jesus recover quick, they are pretty good players, and I enjoy seeing some of Kevin’s tricks and kicks. He is an important player. They mean a lot.

tcoughiv says:

he completely accepts the pk decision.

A T says:

We don’t need anybody from Arsenal. They are headache period .

Arun Sandhu says:

I don’t get it ?? Why get Alexis when they have aguero?

SilentDrex says:

3:15 through 3:41
"Pep now realizing how aggressive and physical English football can be"

And will English football fans also realize that that is NOT a good quality in football?
Still taking pride in going backwards! smh

JaggedRecordsVa says:

Funny how people celebrate City tying and thinking we are heading down after injuries.. goes to show 14 points ahead is ticking people off lmaooo

Naveen Ram says:

so calm compared to Klopp after the draw against everton


Pep is a genius. He will figure out ways to remain on top despite the injuries

FUTball4Life says:

Now that de bruyne is out Man U and Chelsea have a serious chance at closing the gap

Chanderpaul Lawrence says:

We could've won if sterling was pick as start and rest mask man…

MythicalSoccerBeast says:

We just got clickbaited.

David Olatunji says:

"I didn't see the penalty"

Tsega-Zeab Mekonnen says:

Sorry pep today its a draw tommorow its a loss, only Arsenal can go a season unbeaten in the premier League and that is a true fact

Zopo X says:

Still undefeated why so sad?

atge te says:

and the bottling begins……….

atge te says:

City Fans before today: PEP is a genius not a check book manager
City Fans Today: We want Alexis Sanchez by Monday

Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD says:

Should've won this game but nope. Crystal Palace decided to Injure players today…

Captain Tsubasa 10 says:

Man, sooo many games, driving these guys into the ground

RCL Productions says:

If Kevin is out for longer than 2 moths they about to drop points like flys in a airless jar

Rajaun Smith says:

Big shoutout to Crystal Palace for that amazing performance. Pep is just class not many managers would do what he did.

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