Alaska Vacation Travel Video Guide

Alaska Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Alaska.
Alaska is a country situated on the edge of the Arctic and dream destination for wildlife and nature lovers who answer to the call of the wild. A land of bears, glaciers, pioneers and prospectors on the northern tip of the American continent. In Vancouver, Canada’s pearl of the Pacific Ocean, begins an extraordinary journey along the Alexander Archipelago in the Gulf Of Alaska, a charming capital with European flair. In English Bay a giant metal crab guards the planetarium and by aquabus our journey travels across False Creek to Science World with its marvellous glass globe that contains a museum of modern art. Ketchikan is a small town located five hundred and twenty six nautical miles north of Vancouver and was founded by the Tlingit Indians. In the 1880’s the town based its economy on salmon and timber but today relies upon tourism. Since 1900, Juneau has been the capital city of Alaska, the forty ninth state of the U.S.A. In 1880, Joe Juneau, Richard Harris and their Tlingit Indian leader, Chief Kowee, discovered gold in Gold Creek and the gold rush began. Glacier Bay was completely covered by ice and glaciers around four thousand years ago during the Little Ice Age. The ice melted and the ever-changing glaciers are today situated within the arms of the bay which stretches almost a hundred kilometres to the north. Barrow is the northernmost point of inhabited North America and five hundred kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. The living conditions in the arctic wastelands are extremely harsh and most of the year it is bone-chillingly cold. Even today the promise of untamed nature and boundless freedom attracts us to America’s final wilderness. Alaska is full of wild extremes and stark contrasts, a fascinating land of pure adventure!

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litabears says:

does anybody know about not being able to step foot into canada if their has been a dui?

fivepoints says:

Yeah, the narrator misspoke. Anchorage is not the capital, and Alaska is not a country… oh well…we know what he means. 🙂

Christine Wainwright says:

I will be there in September 2017 from the uk

jose jose says:

i will be there in January 2017

moongod1 says:

nice video someday i want to go there

roberto rodriguez says:

Beautiful Alaska

KennieTravelMemories says:

hello…nice informative video. I love it. I am planning a trip/cruise to ALASKA next year 2017 May/June period. but not sure if I should cruise and take the land excursions …my aim is not so much on the glaciers BUT would like to take pictures and videos of sea otters and river otters in Denali and Kenai. Please tell me the best options .Also tell me which land tour agents I can write to for more details so that I can achieve my lifetime DREAMS ! thanks for help.

Daniel Silva says:

Alascka isn't a country, but an USA's state.

Kamil Olczak says:

I really like the sparkling sound when a title of a place appears !
Kind regards, Kamil from Brighton UK

King_Grizzly275 says:

Alaska is under rated

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